Expert Tips to Decorate an Open Concept Living Room

October 5, 2023 BY Carrocel Interiors | Leave a response
Expert Tips to Decorate an Open Concept Living Room

Open concept living room floorplans have become increasingly popular in recent years, with homeowners and designers alike embracing the idea of blurring traditional boundaries and expanding visual space. The lack of walls allows natural light to flow freely throughout the entire living area, promoting a sense of spaciousness. However, when it comes to decorating an […]

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Complete Guide to Arranging Furniture in Your Living Room

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Complete Guide to Arranging Furniture in Your Living Room

Your living room is one of the most important spaces in your home. Not only is it a space for entertaining guests, but it’s also a place to relax and unwind with your family. As such, it’s essential that you carefully consider the interior design of your living room, from the use of decor to […]

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10 Tips to Decorate Your Living Room with Luxury Furniture

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10 Ways to Use Luxury Furniture in Your Living Room

A luxury room incorporates contemporary style and elegant classic designs to suit the style of every home. Whether you want an open plan, shared family space, or a compact design, you can find an assortment of pieces to suit your space. Learning how to incorporate them can help tie the room together and make it […]

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Which Sofa Style is Perfect for Your Living Room?

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Popular Sofa Styles for Your Living Room

Buying a sofa is an important investment in your home. A beautiful and comfortable sofa naturally draws you, your family, and guests in, inviting you to sit and relax. This encourages bonding while leading to captivating stories, hearty laughter, and lifetime memories. If you have recently been to a furniture showroom, you know that there […]

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10 Ways to Use Living Room Furniture for Storage & Organization

December 10, 2021 BY Carrocel Interiors | Leave a response
10 Living Room Furniture Items That Add Storage

Most people take great pride in decorating and organizing their homes. Both provide an avenue for you to express your creativity and tailor how your home looks and functions. Multi-functional furniture offers a unique and effective solution for integrating storage into your décor. Below are some smart tips and tricks to help you organize your […]

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10 Easy Tips to Live Big in a Small Living Room

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Tips to Make the Most of a Small Living Room

Over the last couple of years, it has become increasingly popular to live in smaller spaces. This is not just out of necessity but often as a choice. More people are adopting a ‘less is more’ attitude, shrinking their living space and purchasing beautiful multifunctional furniture instead. Living in a small space also offers a […]

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7 Easy Ways to Use Vintage Furniture in Home Décor

August 17, 2021 BY Carrocel Interiors | Leave a response
Easy Ways to Use Vintage Furniture in Your Home

The vintage casual style has been growing in popularity among décor enthusiasts, and for a good reason. It is as warm and welcoming as it sounds, making it perfect for creating a comfortable, inviting home. This creative décor style is a culmination of the desire to mix themes, periods, and finishes while keeping the home […]

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The Essential Pieces of Furniture for Your Living Room

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Living Room Furniture and Accents to Provide the Utmost Comfort and Relaxation Although you might not think of your living room in these terms, it is defined as the space in a home that is used for relaxing and socializing.  With that in mind, perhaps you can recall a living room that you once visited […]

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Living Room Furniture Essentials: Design Tips & Arrangement

February 5, 2021 BY Carrocel Interiors | Leave a response
Essential Furniture Pieces for Your Living Room

The living room is the hub of your home. When it comes to decorating, there are a lot of factors to consider. With numerous options available for furniture, decorations, and accessories, it can be quite challenging to find the right pieces to use in your space. However, some essentials are fundamental to any great living […]

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Decorating Mistakes to Avoid in Your Living Room

February 10, 2020 BY Carrocel Interiors | Leave a response

When you enter a perfectly designed and decorated living room, it instantly feels impressive, engaging, safe and familiar. However, when you try to replicate this feeling in your own living room, it can almost certainly feel off, even though it’s hard to pinpoint what went wrong. To help you recreate the space of your dreams, […]

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Designing a Mid-Century Living Room

January 17, 2020 BY Carrocel Interiors | Leave a response
mid century furniture

If you’re a fan of the mid-century style, learning how to set up your living room to feature aspects that reflect the aesthetics of the time can help you capture the feeling in your own home. These suggestions will help you get the look, but as with any design, select what makes you the happiest […]

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Production Furniture Rental for TV and Movie Sets at Carrocel

July 5, 2019 BY Carrocel Interiors | Leave a response

At Carrocel, we have a wide selection of vintage, antique, custom and luxury furniture. While these pieces look good in any home, they also look great on screen. Our items can match various time periods and add that much-needed touch to enhance your movie or tv set. Items Carrocel Has to Offer For over 30 […]

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Living Room Arrangement Tips from the Carrocel Experts

December 5, 2018 BY Carrocel Interiors | Leave a response

When arranging the furniture in your living room, a good place to start is knowing the shape of your space. This can help you determine where you should place items most effectively for the best overall look and flow. The size of the furniture can also impact how your room looks, so be sure that […]

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Helpful Tips to Aid Homeowners in the Selection of Leather Sofas and Chairs

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Custom Leather Tufted Silver Leaf Carved Sofa By Carrocel

For many homeowners, thoughts of purchasing a leather sofa and chair set may cause chills to travel up and down their collective spines. Although they might not have owned leather furniture in the past, misunderstandings about this material, from a personal perspective or due to comments made by other parties, could be creating/fueling such apprehension; […]

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