Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Vintage Furniture in Toronto

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Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Vintage Furniture in Toronto

In recent years, vintage furniture in Toronto has grown in popularity as more people are looking to add character and history to their living spaces. These unique pieces often come with a rich story and add a touch of nostalgia to any home decor. Whether you’ve discovered a stunning mid-century modern armchair at a flea market […]

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A Homeowner’s Guide to Maintaining High-End Furniture

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Guide to Maintaining Your High-End Furniture

The differences between luxury furniture and normal furniture are more than just price. When it comes to luxury furniture, you truly are paying for quality, from how it’s made to the level of detail in its design. People who invest in luxury furniture tend to want to make their homes look and feel unique, which […]

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Online Furniture Stores vs Offline Furniture Stores

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online vs offline furniture store

In today’s world, it is just as easy to buy furniture online as it is to buy it in a store. Which is best? The answer depends on your budget, goals, location, lifestyle, and more. Below are some of the pros and cons of both types of furniture shopping and some general considerations to help […]

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Proper Care and Protection of Marble Furniture

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Marble Furniture Requires Proper Care and Protection to Retain Its Appeal Marble furniture can add to the aura and aesthetic of virtually any room in a home; whether in your kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, or office, the natural beauty of a marble table top, pedestal, or base is difficult to surpass in terms […]

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Proper Care and Protection for Wood Furniture

August 10, 2017 BY Carrocel Interiors | Leave a response

Wood Furniture Needs Proper Care and Protection to Retain Appeal and Durability One of the dilemmas that consumers often face involves choosing between the short-term and long-term benefits of a particular product or service; in many cases, the decision can be complicated, and influenced, by the initial cost of one option versus the other.  And […]

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Maintaining the Life and Look of Your High-End Living Room Furniture

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1960s Burled Wood Polished Brass and Glass Credenza

When homeowners make significant purchases, such as appliances, flat-screen televisions, or entertainment systems, there is an expectation of lasting performance and a long-term return on their investment. There is also the likely anticipation that any such items will also work reliably each and every time they are called upon to do so, and that any […]

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How To Antique A Mirror

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There is something to be said about that vintage look. It is timeless, elegant and can add a touch of class to your home. An antique mirror is not always easy to come by, but there are ways you can distress a modern mirror and give it an aged look. Most of the supplies you will require can be found easily at your local home improvement store. How To Create An Antique Mirror You will need to start with a framed mirror - whether brand new or used. Clean the surface of the mirror really well and remove it from its frame. Then follow these steps to antique it: Create A Work Area - Protect your work area with newspapers ...

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Tips For Buying Or Converting Antique Furniture For Your Bathroom

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Bathroom vanities are more than just utilitarian. They are also a means to dress up your bathroom in any style you desire. These vanities add charm and character to your bathroom unlike any other bathroom fixture. They provide a style choice that's distinctive from the cabinet vanities you get at the big box stores. Perhaps you’re looking for genuine antique furniture for your bathroom that can be easily and inexpensively turned into a unique bathroom vanity. Or maybe a reproduction of an antique will work best for you. Before you go searching through antique stores, learn more about converting antique bathroom vanities: Real antique or a reproduction? Keep in mind that genuine antique furniture can be expensive. The wood and ...

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Tips For Keeping Antique Upholstery Clean

July 15, 2014 BY Carrocel Interiors | 10 Comments on Tips For Keeping Antique Upholstery Clean

  Cleaning and maintaining your antique furniture is necessary, but sometimes, cleaning antique upholstery can actually destroy the value of the piece. Most antique furniture pieces have very delicate fibres used to upholster them, which means using the wrong furniture refinishing method could permanently destroy the piece. The main purpose of furniture refinishing is to preserve the original techniques, materials and beauty of the item. Therefore, it is best to consult an expert before refinishing your own vintage furniture. Tips For Maintaining Antique Upholstery While a professional is your best option for antique furniture upholstery, there are ways you can maintain and clean your upholstery without destroying its value. Some things you can do, include: Taking Care Of Spills Appropriately ...

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Selecting And Taking Care Of Your Antique Bedroom Furniture

September 24, 2013 BY Carrocel Interiors | Leave a response

Fine antique furniture can look absolutely beautiful and stylish when in good condition. However, taking care of and cleaning fine furniture requires a few different materials and procedures than you would typically use with regular furniture. Keep These Tips In Mind When It Comes To Proper Antique Custom Furniture Care: First, when purchasing a particular piece, if you aren't quite certain about its proper care requirements, it may be helpful to talk to the person selling the item. Or, seek the advice of a reputable antique custom fine furniture store, who is knowledgeable about antique furniture care. Determine what cleaning items will work best for the material of the furniture. For example, antique bedroom furniture made of natural wood can best ...

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