10 Tips to Decorate Your Living Room with Luxury Furniture

A luxury room incorporates contemporary style and elegant classic designs to suit the style of every home. Whether you want an open plan, shared family space, or a compact design, you can find an assortment of pieces to suit your space. Learning how to incorporate them can help tie the room together and make it look great.

Bringing Luxury Furniture into Your Living Space

Make a Statement with Oversized Light Pendants

A beautiful pendant in the living room can act as your centrepiece. It will draw the eye in and bring the entire space together while emitting a soft glow. Whether you opt for a striking sculptural beaded pendant, a geometric statement piece, or an oversized chandelier, you will have a focal point that suits all spaces.

Channel Minimalism with a Luxe Touch

Homeowners who love minimalism in their interior design can also incorporate luxury in their décor. You can create a luxurious aesthetic by introducing comfortable and superior-quality materials such as bouclé and linen. Other furnishings can help to add dimension and layers. For instance, chairs can act like sculptures in the room.

Add Luxury Through Custom-Designed Furniture

By incorporating personality into your living space, you can elevate the space with a creative and unique flair. This can be achieved using collectibles, art, and furniture. We have a wide variety of custom pieces available in our online catalogue.

Introduce a Classic Piece of Designer Furniture

Investing in designer furniture pieces can elevate your living room. Ottomans and Eames loungers are iconic furniture pieces that are comfortable and inviting, making them essential elements for any living space. With timeless pieces in your home, you can make your living room comfortable and inviting.

Make the Most of Architectural Features

You should enhance and embrace the architectural features of your home, as they can add luxury through subtle details. These details, when paired with carefully curated furniture, art, or luxurious textural fabrics, can create elevated aesthetics. The placement of your pieces can make the room feel grand and welcoming at the same time. In addition, you can add an extra layer of interest and make your home feel more custom by taking advantage of features such as arches, panelling, and more.

Invest In a Day Bed or Chaise Lounge

A chaise lounge is a luxurious home accessory that brings a dash of French elegance and sophistication to your living room. Chaise lounges are design classics and a sofa trend meant for modern homes. A chaise lounge is not only an epitome of luxury but is mainly used to fill grand spaces since it adds a decorative touch to your living room.

Be Ahead of The Curve

Curved furniture incorporates softness into any living space and is a trend that is growing in popularity. This custom-designed furniture will transform your home into a luxurious space. You can also incorporate curved chairs or tables. With curved furniture, you can transform any interior space into the perfect room for relaxing and unwinding.

Make a Small Living Room Feel Grand

One of the significant challenges in design is getting the design of your small living room right. You need a functional space, whether for good conversation or watching TV. You can get this by choosing stylish furniture that contributes to the harmony and personality of the room. Most people prefer smaller rooms since they are more intimate and cozier, but it helps to be bold and utilize large-scale furniture sparingly to make your room feel grander.

Style Shelving to Perfection

Make your living room feel grand by curating an elegant display. Style your shelving to showcase your beautiful sculptures, art pieces, plants, photos, and more. You should mix the heights and depths of objects to add visual interest throughout the shelving.

Reupholster Old or Tired Furniture

You can give new life to your old living room armchairs and sofas. Repairs will make these pieces the focal point of your room. When selecting the material to use, consider the durability of the fabric and how often it will be used. Velvets are excellent upholstery fabrics since they are durable, long-lasting, and tightly woven. Mohair and silk wear well, and their appearance may even improve over time.

Carrocel Offers High-End Luxury Furniture

You can trust Carrocel to offer bespoke luxury furniture pieces for your living room. We have an assortment of furniture styles to suit every home interior. Our custom pieces can be designed to suit your style and needs with personalized selections for shade, design, texture, and stain resistance.

We provide decorative and functional high-end luxury furniture that showcases your taste and personality. Our curated furnishings will reflect your personality and help make your space feel unique to you. Contact the Carrocel Fine Furniture team today or check out our product catalogue.

Mid-Century Modern Cerused Oak Cocktail Table in the Style of Noguchi

  • Mid-Century Modern Cerused Oak Cocktail Table in the Style of NoguchiNewly refinished in 2-tone black and white cerused oak
  • Original glass top with bevelled edge
  • Mid-Century Modern Cerused Oak Cocktail Table in the Style of Noguchi

Custom Mid-Century Modern Kagan Inspired Curved Sofa Couch by Carrocel

EJ Victor Chambord Bookcase by Randall Tysinger

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