Decorating Mistakes to Avoid in Your Living Room

When you enter a perfectly designed and decorated living room, it instantly feels impressive, engaging, safe and familiar. However, when you try to replicate this feeling in your own living room, it can almost certainly feel off, even though it’s hard to pinpoint what went wrong. To help you recreate the space of your dreams, here are the common mistakes that top residential architects, stylists and interior designers notice in most living rooms.

15 Things to Avoid When Decorating Your Living Room

Selecting the Wrong Sofa – A great living room starts with a great sofa. A good sofa is key to how your living room looks, feels, and how comfortable it is. You should not buy any living room furniture on impulse. Make sure you have a furniture plan before you commit to buy a sofa and also pay close attention to the sofa seat height.

Falling into the Showroom Look – It is important to mix different elements, vintage and new, into a room to give it an eclectic, interesting and individualized feel. Here’s how.

Poorly Planning Your Layout – There are many factors to consider when planning a layout and not just having a sofa facing the TV. Consider creating groupings of furniture that match the length and width of your room.

Making it Too Precious to Live In – It is important to make your living room feel liveable and not just for show. Use textiles and rugs that can take the wear and tear of everyday living.

Not Mixing Periods and Styles – Do not allow yourself to be bound by your home’s architecture or time period. Mix different styles of furniture with your style of architecture, and pieces from different styles.

Forgetting to Measure – One sure way to guarantee seamless mixing of styles and period is to make sure you measure every item of furniture. Typically, traditional furniture is higher than modern options.

Sticking to Obvious Fabrics – It is important to use fabrics that wear well even if it means using outdoor fabrics indoors. For a family, wool would be a better fabric for a rug than silk.

Not Testing Your Living Room Arrangement – Views are very important when considering different room arrangements. Window views and the ability to address the whole room are important factors to consider.

Overlooking Smaller Items – You do not want your living room to feel like a demo in a store. Therefore, set aside a budget for textiles, accessories and lighting in addition to the larger items you need. Such things as a table and floor lamps add personality to a room.

Overthinking the Sofa – While it is important to have a good sofa, do not be too obsessed with ornate details like tufts and nail heads. As a matter of fact, a simple sofa will give you more styling options.

Disproportionate Coffee Table – Your coffee table should sing in harmony with your living room. To achieve this, let functionality and your lifestyle guide your choice for materials, length, height and clearance space.

Harsh Lighting – Lighting fixtures are some of the most versatile but often overlooked design features. Good quality lighting fixtures are an easy way to give a room sophisticated elegance and comfort and improve the overall appeal of any space.

Clutter – In design, less is more. Group accessories together to create a pleasant setting.

Lining Your Walls with Furniture – Avoid pushing all your furniture against the wall. Instead, balance your layout by floating your accent chairs and moving your sofa closer to the center of the room.

Neglecting Investment Pieces – One statement accent piece of custom furniture is better than multiple bargain items. Utilizing many inexpensive things can make the room feel cluttered rather than cohesive.

Find Great Living Room Furniture at Carrocel

We have a wide selection of timeless yet trendy pieces of living room furniture to help you create the space of your dreams. These vintage and custom pieces will give your living room a classic yet modern look and feel to match your lifestyle. Contact Carrocel today for custom or vintage living room furniture.

Pair of Mid-Century Modern Inspired Lounge Chairs

Mid-Century Modern Kagan Inspired Sofa

  • Mid-Century Modern Kagan Inspired SofaRestored and newly upholstered in a textured off-white fabric
  • Sleek vintage design with unique accented metal feet
  • Mid-Century Modern Kagan Inspired Sofa

Modern Glass Cocktail Table Pall Mall

  • Modern Glass Cocktail Table Pall MallModern cocktail table design by Ralph Lauren
  • Generously sized square glass top on a firm low H-shaped polished steel base
  • Modern Glass Cocktail Table Pall Mall

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