The traditional style of furniture refers to pieces made up until the end of the Victorian era, or late 19th century. It was at this point that the modernist movement began, and the style shifted. Traditional furniture represents a regal style and is meant to reflect what monarchs and royals of the era would use in their homes.

Features of Traditional Furniture

Often, you will notice these distinct qualities in traditional furniture:

  • Thick wood often stained dark.
  • Intricate deep carvings.
  • Ball or claw feet, wingbacks on chairs and couches.
  • Elaborate inlays made of brass or exotic materials.
  • Generally large and heavy.
  • Wood trim on upholstered pieces.

Furniture of this period is often made of mahogany, cherry, and maple. Fabric and upholstery are made of high-end materials including leather, velvet, and silk, and is often button-tufted.

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