The Essential Pieces of Furniture for Your Living Room

Living Room Furniture and Accents to Provide the Utmost Comfort and Relaxation

Although you might not think of your living room in these terms, it is defined as the space in a home that is used for relaxing and socializing.  With that in mind, perhaps you can recall a living room that you once visited where you did not feel at ease or entertained in any way, but rather quite tense and uncomfortable; and if you take a moment to reflect even further, it could have been due to the choice of furniture and/or the number of pieces in that room.

Interestingly, you probably would not have faced such situations, or feelings, in the kitchen of that same home; that’s because many homeowners often take great pains to ensure that certain rooms, like the kitchen and the bedroom, receive considerable attention in terms of décor and comfort, yet their living room, i.e. the space where they unwind after a long day and also entertain their family and friends, can often get overlooked.

The living room is not a place to store furniture acquired through a downsizing or because it is deemed too good to sell, donate, or give away, nor does every inch of floor space need to be crammed with furniture simply because it happens to fit.  It should, however, contain the furniture essential to providing what you want from this room, i.e.: comfort and relaxation; and because you are basically pampering yourself as well as your living room, there is good reason to consider high-end pieces and custom-designed as part of these furniture choices.

Our team of experts at Carrocel, a leading high-end furniture store in Toronto for more than 30 years, recommends that a living room should include the following furniture and accents:

  • living room sofasSofa – an absolute must in terms of comfort, this should be carefully measured to fit the room properly and chosen to stand out but yet not overly-dominate the room; if space permits, a matching chair will provide an ideal complement
  • Coffee TablesCoffee Table – although you might think that such a table can be encumbering, a living room often looks bare or empty without one; this is a multi-functional piece of furniture, providing a convenient surface or space to serve drinks and snacks, rest candles, display magazines, etc.
  • Area Rug – a multi-purpose accent that can protect the carpet or hardwood floor while adding warmth, cosiness, and appeal to the room; since area rugs are unattached, this gives the flexibility of swapping two or three rugs throughout the year for different looks
  • Home LightingLighting – the right choice of lighting plays an important role in the ambience of a living room, as well as the capability of adding functionality and accent – all in the same piece
  • Storage Unit/Console TableStorage Unit/Console Table – this is not storage space for dry goods, extra toiletries, and laundry supplies but rather an elegant piece of furniture that doubles as a place for extra pillows, board games, and even bartending/entertainment supplies
  • Entertainment Centre – perhaps more optional than essential based on your personal preferences for relaxation and entertaining; if this is to be part of your living room, it will likely be a focal point so a custom unit may be the right fit for your space and furniture

For those who might be thinking about modifying or upgrading your living room furniture and accessories, the above summary offers an excellent starting point to speak with a team member at Carrocel, our high-end furniture store centrally located in Toronto near Yorkdale Mall.  Based on the floor plan and square footage of your living room, as well as any insight on your lifestyle and family needs, a Carrocel representative will be able to recommend and present the ideal furniture essentials to suit that room.

A Striking Collection of High-End and Custom Living Room Furniture in Our Store

If you are looking for ideas to furnish and/or decorate your living room, look no further than the Carrocel furniture store; a visit to Carrocel will provide an opportunity for you to browse our inventory of high-end furniture and accessories, as well as many one-of-a-kind custom pieces, now on display in our 20,000 square-foot furniture showroom.

Our showroom floor contains an exquisite collection of living room furniture that will appeal to various tastes and needs; your visit, in conjunction with the knowledge and expertise of our experienced staff, will likely provide the necessary basis to make an informed decision on your choice of:

To preview specific examples of the many striking pieces currently in our inventory, click on the respective links above or go to our Product Catalogue page and type any of those living room furniture categories into the search field.

Looking to revitalize or refresh the look and functionality of your living room with high-end or custom furniture?  Call the fine furniture specialists at Carrocel today at 416-999-2525 or contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.  At your leisure, please feel free to visit our 20,000 square-foot showroom at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in central Toronto.

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