Furniture Re-Upholstery

Some people may believe that a couch or a chair in need of reupholstering has outlived its usefulness and therefore should either be placed out at the curb or donated to a charitable organization.

Furniture Reupholstery Toronto
Antique Furniture Reupholstery

At Carrocel furniture store, we believe that any couch or chair in need of reupholstering is a sign that the piece is actually worthy of such an investment.

Return Your Furniture To Its Original Beauty And Comfort

When a piece of fine furniture reaches the point where reupholstery work is clearly needed, it can likely be attributed to one or more of the following scenarios:


The Furniture is Very Comfortable


It’s an Ideal Piece for Your Home


It’s an Item of Sentimental Value

Through skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail, our artisans can return your furniture to its original state of beauty and comfort so that you and your family can continue to enjoy its use and appreciate its look and value for many years to come.

If you truly believed that the piece was worthy of the investment when it was first acquired, and it has served you well since that time, perhaps you would agree that it deserves to be returned to its initial luxury and functionality.

Revitalize Your Furniture From Its Foundation To Its Exterior

At Carrocel, we do not merely recover furniture – we also ensure that each and every reupholstered piece is revitalized from its foundation to its visible exterior.

While the replacement of fabric/material and padding/stuffing might be considered as reupholstery in a general context, proper technique also consists of tightening and adjusting the frame, springs, and supports.

Furthermore, the scope of our reupholstery process offers a unique combination of:

  • Skilled craftsmanship – Artisans with extensive experience
  • The highest quality materials – Flawless foams, felts, and leathers
  • Attention to the finer details – Threads, piping, skirts, dust covers
  • Rigid quality control – Inspections at every stage of the process

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