Tips for Buying Traditional Furniture

December 10, 2018 BY Carrocel Interiors | Leave a response

Finding classic furniture pieces is exciting. They are available at auction houses, private sales, and furniture stores such as Carrocel. When looking at a piece, you must make sure that it has remained in good shape and will continue to hold up in the future. Here are our tips to look out for when purchasing […]

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How to Find the Right Furniture Reupholstery Service in Toronto

February 27, 2016 BY Carrocel Interiors | 2 Comments on How to Find the Right Furniture Reupholstery Service in Toronto

Dos and Dont's for Furniture Reupholstery Furniture reupholstery is an art. For this reason, you must select your upholsterer with great care. After all, the quality of workmanship impacts the finish as well as the lifespan of the furniture you are having redone. Our experts have outlined some important dos and don’ts for you to keep in mind. DO… Look for an experienced furniture reupholstery service. Skill develops with years of practice. The number of years spent in the business is one way to determine the quality of work you can expect. Examine the level of specialization. Especially if you intend to have vintage or antique furniture reupholstered. These items require special care and work experience. An upholsterer who works ...

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Should You Reupholster Your Love Seat?

June 28, 2015 BY Carrocel Interiors | 1 Comment on Should You Reupholster Your Love Seat?

You adore your loveseat, but it just does not work in your home anymore. Whether the fabric is worn and torn or the style does not match your new design, sometimes reupholstering is all it takes to save the furniture you love. At Carrocel high end furniture store, we know that not all loveseats can be reupholstered. So, you need to know how to spot a reupholstering-worthy piece and also decide if it’s worth the cost and hassle to begin with. Is Furniture Reupholstery Worth It? You will want to compare the costs of replacing the loveseat versus using a furniture restoration service, like Carrocel high end furniture store. A brand new loveseat can cost anywhere from $300 to as much ...

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How To Reupholster Antique Dining Chairs

January 15, 2014 BY Carrocel Interiors | Leave a response

Do your beautiful antique dining chairs need a facelift? Reupholstering them is a great way to give them a fresh new look and brighten up the space. If you have the time and the inclination, you can even try to do it yourself. Below are step-by-step instructions to help you: Remove the seat from your antique chair with the help of a screwdriver. Trace the seat (leaving ¼” on all sides) to create a cardboard template. Use the template to trace and cut foam for each chair. Fix the foam on each seat with the help of an adhesive. Cut your fabric to size: to determine what size you’ll need for each seat, measure the width of your seat across ...

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Save Money By Reupholstering And Modifying Your Antique Furniture

September 10, 2013 BY Carrocel Interiors | Leave a response

Many homeowners today are opting for modifying furniture rather than going out and purchasing a whole new set. Doing this can save a considerable amount of money, as well as provide you with several unique pieces crafted from your older furniture that match your own particular style and taste. When modifying vintage furniture, there are several factors to keep in mind that may make the process easier and quicker. Plan Your Style Before you go about modifying furniture, plan on what style of furniture you would like. Traditional, contemporary and modern are some examples of styles you might consider. Next, see if your existing furniture will be able to be modified into the style you desire without extensive work or expense. ...

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The Pros And Cons Of Reupholstering An Old Piece Of Furniture

June 26, 2013 BY Carrocel Interiors | Leave a response

Have you ever thought about furniture reupholstery in order to give it a fresh new look? It is an excellent way to extend the life of a favourite chair or preserve a family heirloom. It’s not always the first choice, not only on account of the time and effort involved but also because many people haven’t even considered the option. One reason could be they aren’t aware of reliable furniture stores that provide skilled reupholstering services. Before you decide whether or not you’re going to reupholster an old piece of furniture you might want to consider the pros and cons of doing so. Pros You are reusing a piece of furniture instead of sending it to the landfill. You can ...

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Revitalize Your Antiques With Expert Furniture Reupholstery Services

May 14, 2013 BY Carrocel Interiors | Leave a response

Have a favourite chair, table or statement piece that looks a little jaded? Don’t push it to the back of the room; just give it the expert makeover. Carrocel furniture store's skilled furniture reupholstery service can give your antiques and other custom pieces an attractive and refreshing new look. In fact we don’t just bring your furniture back to life we can make it look better than ever. Carrocel’s experts go beyond the re-covering process to restore and revitalize your chairs, tables, and whatever other pieces of furniture you may have. Our expertise with furniture reupholstery: We are thorough and focused on the finest details: Skilled craftsmen will strip down each piece to the frame. This is followed by a ...

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Fabric Trends For Autumn/Winter 2012

August 27, 2012 BY Carrocel Interiors | Leave a response

While changes in upholstery fabric trends are very subtle, designers work extremely hard to invoke a different feeling each season. This time around is no different! Neutrals are used as the foundation for strong accent colours. Gray has continued to be a popular colour, as it acts as a great base for brighter colours in a variety of its shades. Brown is also a popular neutral, becoming more prevalent than a typical neutral such as black. The warm base of a chocolate brown acts as a great backdrop for dustier pinks and greens, or the bolder primary colours. [caption id="attachment_582" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Palette by[/caption] [caption id="attachment_679" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Palette by[/caption]   Interesting patterns are also used, with the use ...

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