Trends in Living Room Furniture for 2024 and Beyond

Keeping Pace with the Latest Trends in Living Room Furniture and Accessories

When construction crews are framing the infrastructure of new houses and living room furniture, they typically follow blueprints that outline the number and types of rooms to include, as well as the dimensions of those rooms and their locations in relation to each other. Once this phase of the work is completed, the services of various contractors and tradespeople are required to carry the construction process forward; plumbers, electricians, carpenters, HVAC specialists and many others will all play integral roles before these houses are declared ready for occupancy.

Yet despite the end results of using all this professional knowledge and skill, one may argue that the final product is just a house like any other house – until the eventual owners make it a home. Even if the house has been custom-built, with its owners choosing the flooring, cabinetry, bathroom fixtures, and so on, those definitive elements of home décor, i.e.: the furnishings, are not included in the blueprints nor are they the responsibilities of the builder and the subcontractors; this onus lies solely with the homeowners.

Choosing the right furniture and accessories is indeed important for converting a house into a home; home décor can influence, to one extreme or the other, such essentials as comfort, relaxation, aesthetic appeal, and pride of ownership. And nowhere in the home is this more important than the living room, the space displaying the homeowner’s best-quality furniture and often used for relieving the tension of daily life and for socializing with family or friends.

However, trends in home decorating styles can change over time, as can homeowner tastes and personal preferences; consequently, what once seemed appropriate for a living room in terms of its décor and furniture may now have grown tired and/or is no longer fashionable.

In fact, for homeowners who might find themselves in this precise situation with their living room furniture, there are several new, stylish trends that have gained prominent footholds heading into 2018 and appear to be here-to-stay for quite some time. To that end, the fine furniture experts at the Carrocel furniture store, located near the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, offer the following synopsis of ‘what’s hot’ in terms of living room furniture and accessories:

  • Style – a combination of comfort, functionality, and luxury
  • Design – geometric or linear patterns and rounded corners
  • Metals – gold and brass have supplanted bronze and copper
  • Textures – smooth velvet, brushed metals, and smoked glass
  • Colours – bold and rich tones of yellow, red, orange, and green
  • Accents – trendy materials i.e.: steel, marble, wood, brass, gold

Of course, words on a page are often insufficient when describing the latest trends in luxury living room furniture and accents; it is the type of information that might best be absorbed and appreciated through sight and touch. This in turn is achievable by visiting the Carrocel showroom, at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in Toronto, which will also provide the opportunity to consult with a member of Carrocel’s knowledgeable and experienced staff.

Revive Your Living Room with a Luxury Sofa and Chairs from Carrocel’s Showroom

When choosing new living room furniture, it is customary suggested that the sofa should be the primary focal point for all who enter the room for the first time and for each and every successive entry; the complementary chair(s) and the choice of tables, lighting, and accents can finish the room to provide the appeal, comfort, and warmth desired by the homeowner.

The outstanding collection of living room furniture currently on display in Carrocel’s 20,000 square-foot showroom includes luxury sofas and chairs that offer the utmost in quality along with features consistent with the noted trends for 2018 and beyond; some of these striking sets and pieces include:

Trends in Living Room Furnishings for 2018 and BeyondPair of Custom-Made Art Deco Zebrano Wood Living Room Chairs

  • Zebra wood parlor chairs upholstered in platinum leather and designer fabric
  • Chairs can be custom finished and upholstered based on buyer specifications
  • View Here

Trends in Living Room Furnishings for 2018 and BeyondVintage French Art Deco Parlor Set – Sofa and Two Chairs

  • Sofa and matching chairs are original pieces from France (some upholstering is needed)
  • Features include a light-coloured wood frame with dark wood dowels rods on back, sides
  • View Here

Trends in Living Room Furnishings for 2018 and BeyondVintage Ribbed Vinyl and Walnut Sofa

  • Classic-designed Mid-Century black vinyl sofa; a linear ribbed texture across seat, back
  • View Here

Trends in Living Room Furnishings for 2018 and BeyondMilo Baughman Extra-Long Sofa in Wavy Velvet

  • Mid-Century low-profile sofa sitting on a black wooden base with six legs
  • Has been newly upholstered in a luxurious dark taupe ‘wavy velvet’ fabric
  • View Here

The Carrocel Fine Furniture Store in Toronto offers an exquisite inventory of living room furniture, in an impressive selection of designs, colours, and fabrics that are certain to appeal to the tastes of discriminating homeowners. For further information on the full range of luxury sofas and chairs available from Carrocel, see our living room products
or visit their 20,000 square-foot showroom on Bridgeland Avenue near the Yorkdale Mall.

Looking to revitalize the décor of your home with the latest trends in living room furniture? Call the fine furniture specialists from Carrocel today at 416-999-2525 or contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation. You are also invited to browse our selection of luxury sofas and chairs at your convenience.

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