Expert Tips to Decorate an Open Concept Living Room

Open concept living room floorplans have become increasingly popular in recent years, with homeowners and designers alike embracing the idea of blurring traditional boundaries and expanding visual space. The lack of walls allows natural light to flow freely throughout the entire living area, promoting a sense of spaciousness.

However, when it comes to decorating an open concept layout from scratch, many people may feel lost as to how to define different areas and create a cohesive style. The following is a guide that will provide some helpful tips for achieving a well-designed and functional open concept living room.

What is an Open Concept Living Room?

An open concept living room refers to a layout where there are no walls separating the living, dining, and kitchen areas. This type of design creates an unobstructed flow between these different spaces and allows for more natural light to enter the home.

Open concept living rooms have become increasingly popular in modern homes due to their ability to create a sense of spaciousness and promote a feeling of connectedness between family members and guests. This type of layout is especially appealing for smaller homes or apartments, where every inch of space counts.

Expert Tips to Place Living Room Furniture & Décor

The following are a few essential tips to help you effectively place furniture and décor in an open concept living room:

  • Use Harmonious Design Elements: When selecting furniture and décor for your open concept living room, make sure to choose items that complement each other in terms of colour, texture, and style. This will create a cohesive look throughout the entire space. If you don’t have a specific colour palette in mind, consider using neutral colours as they tend to blend well together.
  • Create Cozy Conversation Areas: To avoid the feeling of being in one large room, try to create smaller, intimate conversation areas within the open concept layout. This can be achieved by arranging furniture in a way that encourages face-to-face interactions and provides comfortable seating options.
  • Define and Separate Living Spaces: To prevent the open concept living room from feeling cluttered or disorganized, use furniture and décor to visually define different areas within the space. Rugs, lighting fixtures, and bookcases are all great ways to create distinct zones while still maintaining an overall sense of openness.
  • Add Focal Points: In large open concept living rooms, it can be helpful to add focal points to break up the space and provide visual interest. This could be a statement piece of furniture, an eye-catching artwork, or a fireplace. Such focal points can help anchor the different areas within the open layout.
  • Choose Gorgeous Light Fixtures: As natural light is a key feature of open concept living rooms, it is essential to choose beautiful and functional light fixtures that will enhance the overall design. Pendant lights, chandeliers, and wall sconces are all great options for adding both style and illumination to an open concept living room.
  • Sufficient Space Around the Coffee Table: In an open concept living room, the coffee table is often the centerpiece of the seating area. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that there is enough space around the coffee table for easy movement and accessibility. Consider leaving at least 18 inches between the coffee table and surrounding furniture.
  • Give Everyone a Surface: With the absence of walls and defined spaces, it can be challenging to find surfaces for placing drinks or snacks. Therefore, make sure there is a table or shelf within reach of each seating area in the open concept living room. For example, a side table or console table can be placed behind a sofa to provide a surface for guests sitting in that area.
  • Ground Your Rugs: Rugs can be a great way to define different areas within an open concept living room. They can also help to visually tie together furniture and décor. To avoid the rug from slipping or moving, add a non-slip rug pad underneath.
  • Using Colour in Open Living Rooms: When it comes to colour, you can either go for a monochrome look or use different shades and tones of the same colour throughout the open concept living room. This will create a cohesive look while still adding visual interest. You can also use pops of colours through accent pieces such as pillows, artwork, or plants.
  • Furniture Layout Tips: In an open-concept living room, it is important to consider the flow and functionality of the space when arranging furniture. For example, make sure there is enough space between seating areas for easy movement and conversation. Also, avoid blocking pathways or obstructing natural light with large pieces of furniture.

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