Living Room Furniture Essentials: Design Tips & Arrangement

The living room is the hub of your home. When it comes to decorating, there are a lot of factors to consider. With numerous options available for furniture, decorations, and accessories, it can be quite challenging to find the right pieces to use in your space. However, some essentials are fundamental to any great living room. We’ve prepared a guide to help you choose the right pieces for your living room so that you can achieve a unique and comfortable look and feel.

Living Room Furniture Essentials

There is no doubt that furniture is the most important thing in your living room. It takes up the most space and is consequently the first thing guests notice when they walk into the room. Regardless of the configuration you adopt, some living room furniture is essential for any home.


Probably the single largest and most expensive piece of furniture you will buy, the sofa plays a key role in how your living room looks and how comfortable it is. On top of that, the couch tends to set the tone on the style of everything in the living room, making it the ideal piece to start with when shopping for living room furniture.

When considering which sofa to pick, the first consideration is functionality. You need to decide how many people you wish to fit on the sofa, whether it fits your space, and if it matches your lifestyle. For people with young children or pets, wear, tear, and staining is a crucial factor. Each material will require different levels of cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking great. Therefore, it is important to consult a furniture expert about which upholstery best fits your lifestyle before you make a purchase.

Next, think about how the options you have narrowed down suit the style of your home. Remember that your sofa is supposed to last for several years so don’t get too enticed by the latest style trends. Instead, think long-term. Also, consider the sofa’s significance in setting the tone for the living room and pick one that inspires you to build a stylish and functional space around it. Finally, be sure to sit and relax on it to make sure it feels comfortable.

Coffee Table

With a sofa, you now have a centrepiece for your living room. What next? The next step depends on how you want your living room to look and feel. This is a personal preference. Some people love the functionality and aesthetic appeal that a coffee table brings to the living room, while others prefer the space to be more open. Most décor experts think that coffee tables bring a living room together without dominating the room, making them excellent and functional additions. However, the coffee table needs to match the space, which requires you to decide on the following:

  • Height
    Your coffee table needs to blend in with your sofa seamlessly and be easy to use. This means you need to find one that is the right height. To avoid stylistic and functional challenges, choose a coffee table that is the same height or slightly higher than your sofa. If you prefer a more laid-back feel, select a slightly lower table.
  • Shape
    Coffee tables are available in many different shapes and sizes. To decide which matches your space, consider the size of your room and your sofa. Long, large sofas typically work best with long rectangular and oval tables, while large wrap-around sectionals and modern sofas work well with a circular or square table. A round coffee table also softens a room with harsh square lines.
  • Material
    When choosing the material for your coffee table, functionality and style preference are the two main considerations. For a person with small children and pets, glass would not be the ideal choice. On the same note, a person who often forgets to use coasters would be best to stay away from beautifully finished walnut. The table needs to not only look and feel good alongside other pieces but also be functional.

Chairs & Recliners

Recliners and accent chairs are some of the more optional pieces of furniture. If your budget and style allow, they can provide more seating for your guests and improve the overall look of the space. However, they must coordinate with the style of the sofa and complement its alignment within the room. The objective is to fill negative space without making the area feel too cramped.

Side Tables

If you already have a coffee table but need to increase the room’s surface area, side tables are a great addition. This is particularly important for larger living rooms with longer sofas. They give you a place to set down drinks, dinners, books, remotes, and more. They also break the negative space and bring the room together by drawing people on the further ends of the couch together. As with the coffee table, it is important to choose a good height in line with your sofa as well as a style and colour scheme that coordinates with the rest of the room.

Stylish Living Room Ideas

If you need help deciding how to style your living room, consider these ideas:

Transitional Living Room

Select a classic, neutral colour scheme for all your pieces. Richly coloured accent pieces like chairs, throws, and pillows, can pop against creams, beiges, and soft greys.

Mid-Century Inspired Furniture

Comfy, straightforward pieces in a mid-century style create an inviting feel. Select a statement piece such as an intricate chandelier, hand-crafted table, or beautiful rug to give the room a focal point.

Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist furniture works great if you don’t want to take attention away from another beautiful feature such as an art piece or a great view. It is also ideal if you prefer a cleaner, simple style.

Pattern and Texture

Use a patterned wallpaper on one wall to create a focal point or choose one with a simpler design to use throughout the room. Add further contrast with textured pillows, knitted blankets, or carved table lamps.

Airy and Bright

Light, neutral furniture and walls can make a room feel more open. You can make the space feel more interesting by adding vibrant artwork to the walls, or brightly coloured rugs and textiles.

Black and White

A monochromatic colour scheme is a classic option. Pair it with metallic accents to create a beautiful modern space.

We Feature a Variety of High-End Living Room Furniture

The thought of decorating a living room from scratch might admittedly seem challenging at first. However, by breaking down the essentials, you can create a clearer and more actionable approach to the project.

Carrocel Fine Furniture is the leading provider of high-end living room furniture in Toronto. We stock every style of furniture, including vintage and designer items, giving you plenty of selection to choose from. Visit our showroom or contact us today to talk to our furniture experts about what you need for your living room.

Mid Century Modern Sofa with Ceruse Oak Base

  • Mid Century Modern Sofa with Ceruse Oak BaseLuxurious champagne silver fabric
  • Elegant solid oak platform
  • Mid Century Modern Sofa with Ceruse Oak Base

Custom Modern Glass Top Coffee Table with Marble Pedestals by Carrocel

  • Custom Modern Glass Top Coffee Table with Marble Pedestals by CarrocelBurnished brass pedestals
  • Sahara noir stone cladding
  • Custom Modern Glass Top Coffee Table with Marble Pedestals by Carrocel

Pair of Mid-Century Modern Leather Lounge Chair

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