Shop the Castlefield Design District for Furniture and Interior Home Decor Needs

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Captivating High-End Furniture and Accessories in Castlefield Design District Stores It has become more widespread in recent years for municipalities to have a commercial zone or area that is dedicated to a particular type of product or commodity. One of the immediate examples that comes to minds would be auto malls, where many automakers congregate their […]

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Recognizing and Differentiating the Features of Louis-Style Furniture

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King Louis-Style Chairs: The History and Timeless Appeal of Their Classic Designs The most ardent history buffs may be able to distinguish between the reigns of three French kings who governed their country from 1643 to 1791, a period of almost 150 years. This was the era of King Louis; in fact three consecutive rulers bearing […]

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High-End Furniture Brands and Their Distinguishing Qualities

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Distinguishing Characteristics of the High-End Furniture Brands Available at Carrocel Consumers can often be overwhelmed, if not bombarded, by the sheer amount of advertising to which they are exposed on a daily basis. At virtually every turn, whether in print, on radio or television, online, or on their mobile devices, people are routinely subjected to marketing […]

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High-End Dining Room Furniture – Tables, Chairs, and More

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A Wide Range of Options and Decisions When Buying High-End Dining Room Furniture If surveyed, most homeowners will most likely admit that a majority of their meals, whether taken alone or with family members, are usually consumed in their kitchen; whether seated at the kitchen table or a breakfast bar or standing at an island […]

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The Universal Appeal of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

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Mid-Century Modern Furniture and Reasons Why It Retains Its Popularity Today In a dictionary, the word ‘modern’ is often defined as relating to or characteristic of current or recent time; in some cases, that definition might be expanded to include a reference to something that is up-to-date or fashionable in nature compared to antiquated or […]

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Carrocel’s Range of American Designer Furniture

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Designer Furniture and Why Homeowners Should Give It Serious Consideration Consumers are inundated on a daily basis with advertisements that encourage them to shop for designer label products such as clothing, personal accessories, and even automobiles; in fact, in the fashion world, there are entire shopping malls devoted to designer name stores. And when people […]

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Choosing the Furniture and Décor for Your Bedrooms

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Furniture and Decorating Styles for the Master Bedroom and Children’s Bedrooms Whether a family chooses to entertain on a regular basis or prefers to be more selective in terms of how they spend their leisure time at home, there is a tendency to dedicate most of their decorating efforts to the rooms that will be […]

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Home Office Furniture Trends for 2017

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Home Office Furniture Trends for 2017 to Address Function, Space, and Well-Being One of the most significant changes within the workforce over the last couple of decades has been the increase in the number of people who are now working from home. Whether these individuals are self-employed or are provided such flexibility by their employers, […]

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Interior Design Trends for 2017

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Top Interior Design Ideas in Furniture, Colours, Fabrics, and Accessories for 2017 As winter draws to its close and sunshine seems to make more regular appearances, people might not just feel that the days are getting warmer and brighter but they also tend to have more energy for a variety of activities. Many are anxious […]

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Tips to Create and Furnish a Formal Dining Room Layout

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Factors to Consider When Planning a Formal Dining Room Layout for Your Home In the minds of many homeowners, there is a more formal atmosphere associated with their dining room than with the kitchen. This is not meant to imply that the kitchen is a less vital or less important area of the home, but […]

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