Contemporary, by definition, means following the latest ideas. Contemporary furniture design takes influence, trends, and technology from various other styles without staying strictly within one design philosophy. Designers of this style feel that each piece should reflect modern times and address a practical need. The furniture design should also express its purpose, the beauty of the material, and the methods used to create it.

Features of Contemporary Furniture

The defining characteristics of contemporary furniture include:

  • Form, texture, and colours come from the material used.
  • Flat, functional surfaces.
  • Minimalist style.
  • Tubular metal.
  • Smooth textures.
  • Pronounced edges and crisp lines.

This style of furniture is mainly composed of different metal, natural woods, and various fabrics. The colours tend to remain very neutral, allowing the décor in the room to be the primary focus.

Be on Trend with The Latest Design Innovations

At Carrocel, we have a selection of contemporary furniture that truly reflects the best of the period it was manufactured in. As trends in design and furniture continue to evolve, so too will the stylings of contemporary pieces. Browse our collection to find the right option for your home or office, and enjoy the natural, neutral, practical furniture designs.