Helpful Tips to Aid Homeowners in the Selection of Leather Sofas and Chairs

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Custom Leather Tufted Silver Leaf Carved Sofa By Carrocel

For many homeowners, thoughts of purchasing a leather sofa and chair set may cause chills to travel up and down their collective spines. Although they might not have owned leather furniture in the past, misunderstandings about this material, from a personal perspective or due to comments made by other parties, could be creating/fueling such apprehension; […]

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Maintaining the Life and Look of Your High-End Living Room Furniture

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1960s Burled Wood Polished Brass and Glass Credenza

When homeowners make significant purchases, such as appliances, flat-screen televisions, or entertainment systems, there is an expectation of lasting performance and a long-term return on their investment. There is also the likely anticipation that any such items will also work reliably each and every time they are called upon to do so, and that any […]

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Selecting the Perfect Sofa for Your Living Room

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Carrocel Custom Made Lucite Glass Coffee Table

Factors to Consider When Deciding on a New High-End Sofa for Your Living Room The modern-day living room is a far cry from the parlours or sitting rooms of previous eras. Whereas the latter were often reserved for the purposes of formal social events or receiving guests, including visitations for the recently deceased, the living […]

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How to Arrange Your Living Room in 2016

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Design Ideas from the Experts Planning to buy new living room furniture this year? Consider the layout and function of your space before you make a selection. Being one of the most used rooms in your home can make it a decorating challenge. Come to our showroom for exciting living room design ideas. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to show you around the store and you can also take inspiration from unique displays. Important Elements of Living Room Design The living room is typically, the room all visitors to your home will take note of; and you want them to be impressed. Not sure where to start with decorating this space? The design experts at Carrocel offer ...

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Accent Chairs for the Man of the House

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Unique Living Room and Bedroom Furniture for Your Special Man Buying an accent chair for the special man in your life? Whether it is for the man cave or his home office, your living room or bedroom, you can find a piece with character. Why sacrifice style or comfort when you can have both? At Carrocel Interiors, we have one-of-a-kind items from around the world to match your man’s unique personality. Our staff will be happy to show you around the showroom as you browse our finest accent seating collection. Accent Chairs to Suit Every Style—Our Top 5 Picks While you want your loved one to really love the accent chairs you pick for him, it is also important that ...

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Choose Custom Designed Furniture for Your Home

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Make a Statement of Style and Quality Custom designed furniture gives your home its own distinctive style and look. Yes, it may cost a little more but it is an investment in style and quality that will last for years. Come and be inspired by the chic displays at our huge Carrocel showroom. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to show you around and discuss your options. Advantages of Custom Designed Furniture Built to your specifications: Furniture should be made to fit your rooms, not the other way round. After all, it plays such an important role in the look and feel of a space. Ever walked in to a home where you admired how the pieces were ...

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Simple Ways to Decorate with Accent Chairs

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How to Incorporate them with Your Living Room and Bedroom Furniture Here is a useful secret to unique, stylish décor: Make accent chairs an integral part of your living room and bedroom furniture! Our experts have explained the different styles and how to work with them below. Types of Accent Seating for Your Living Room and Bedrooms Accent chairs are available in many styles. Here’s a basic overview to help you find one that will complement your bedroom or living room furniture: The comfortable club chair: Perfect as a pair or even just one, this roomy chair with deep seats is perfect for a conversation area in your living room or to curl up with a book in your bedroom. ...

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Add a Beautiful Coffee or End Table to Your Living Room Furniture

December 17, 2015 BY Carrocel Interiors | 1 Comment on Add a Beautiful Coffee or End Table to Your Living Room Furniture

Come See Our Living Room Décor and Storage Ideas When selecting living room furniture, consider a beautiful coffee or end table too. Function aside, they will anchor your décor and showcase your style. Come to our showroom and see an amazing array of stunning living room décor ideas that incorporate unique coffee and end tables. Here are a few important points to keep in mind while selecting your tables. How do you intend to use the table? Is it purely for function, extra living room storage or would you like to show off your artsy side as well? What is the right size? This is typically determined by your other living room furniture like your sofa and accent chairs. Ideally, ...

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Update your Living Room with Accent Seating

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How to Redecorate with Fine Living Room Chairs Stylish living room chairs can take your décor from boring to glamorous in one master stroke. Redecorating the main room in your home doesn’t have to take forever. Our design experts have a single piece of advice—add modern or vintage living room accent seating to transform your space. Read their tips on how to select living room furniture that meets your style and wows your guests. Tips on Selecting Living Room Accent Seating A single piece can go a long way:Carrocel’s Custom Javier Accent Chair is a beautiful example. Show wood outlines the silhouette of the chair and flows through to a straight lightly tapered leg for visual appeal. Our custom Espresso ...

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Balance Makes a Room

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How to Incorporate Fine Living and Dining Room Furniture into Your Design Ideas Balance is key to the success of a creative design idea. This simply means creating the right harmony between room colour and texture as well as the scale of your furniture (living room, dining or bedroom) and accessories. It’s important to get your decorating fundamentals right. Tips on Achieving Balance in Your Decorating Ideas The design experts at Carrocel are happy to share these decorating guidelines to help you out. Start with the focal point: Stand back and observe where your eye will go as you enter the room. It could be a large wall, the fireplace or a huge picture window. This is the focal point ...

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How to Add Unique or Vintage Accents to Your Room

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Design Ideas to Create Your Own Flair Looking for striking design ideas? Don’t restrict yourself to the colour on walls. Unique or vintage living or dining room furniture can make a bold statement. You don’t need a full set. Even a single piece (or two) can bring drama into your room. Less is always more when it comes to creating show stopper décor! To make your decorating dreams a reality, follow these simple guidelines shared by our design experts. You can also be inspired by the fine displays in our huge showroom. Design and Decorating Ideas with Statement Furniture Start with an inspirational piece of furniture. Our Golden Madrone Modern Sideboard Milo Baughman Burled Dining Table is a stunning example. ...

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Rearranging Your Living Room Furniture

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Create Space and Storage but do it with Style! Modern and bold? Trendy and chic? Traditional and cozy? Classic and grand? Whatever you choose for the look of your living room, it has to be uniquely your own. After all, this space is the centre of all social gatherings in your home. Whether you are rearranging living room furniture, refreshing the décor, trying to create more space or add some storage, you can do it with attitude and a style reflective of your fine tastes. If you run out of ideas, let the décor experts at Carrocel help you. Living Room Ideas to Get You Started Before selecting your pieces, the Carrocel team highly recommends selecting a theme. With a ...

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Uplift Your Living Room to Enjoy Coffee with Friends

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Adding a fresh new feel to your room can make all the difference. If you want to make your living room the center for entertaining friends in the evening and hosting great chats over freshly brewed coffee, there are a few things you can do to pull it off. With the right furniture design and creative arrangements, you can completely revamp your living room’s existing style, all without breaking the bank. Find some truly unique pieces of custom designed furniture at Carrocel.   How to Create a Stylish Living Room Your living room is the hub of your home entertainment. It is where guests come in to relax and everyone sits down to mingle. Here are a few tips from ...

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