10 Easy Tips to Live Big in a Small Living Room

Over the last couple of years, it has become increasingly popular to live in smaller spaces. This is not just out of necessity but often as a choice. More people are adopting a ‘less is more’ attitude, shrinking their living space and purchasing beautiful multifunctional furniture instead.

Living in a small space also offers a number of benefits. However, there is always the risk of feeling cramped or inconvenienced. You may also feel that you are giving up on luxury when you live within a smaller footprint. So, how do you ‘live big’ in a small living room without sacrificing style, comfort, and luxury? Below are some key tips on how to furnish a small living room and the furniture you will need.

Our Best Tips to Furnish Your Small Living Room

Follow the 3 Rs and the 3 Ds

It is possible to ‘live large’ in a smaller space. However, you need to sort through your possessions – reduce, reuse, and recycle whatever you can. Additionally, donate, de-clutter, and downsize your belongings. If it is not possible to repurpose an item effectively, give it away or find a smaller version.


Organization is important in every home – but particularly in a smaller space. This means finding plenty of storage for the things that you need. A small chest in whichever style you choose that can act as storage and look great is an ideal option.

Place Furniture Properly

Intuitively, you want to maximize the floor space. As such, you will want to push your living room furniture against the walls to keep as much of the floor space open as possible. However, the correct thing to do in this situation is the complete opposite. You want to bring the furnishings in from the walls, which creates the illusion of space. You also get the added benefit of better conversation flow.

Consider Multi-Purpose Furnishings

Every piece of living room furniture that you choose to buy must be very intentional and justify the space it takes up. Find furnishings that meet this criterion by offering multiple functions within the same space. For example, choose a cocktail table that doubles as storage or an ottoman that serves as a seat and a cocktail table.

Go Neutral or Monochromatic

The importance of colour in any space cannot be overstated. When it comes to a small space, your choice of colour should balance everything out. For this reason, neutrals are ideal for small spaces. Being inherently classic, they blend in rather than stick out, which creates a feeling of timeless luxury. You can also choose multiple shades of the same colour for the walls, ceiling and trim. Having one or two pieces of living room furniture that match the shade of your living room wall is also a great blending idea.

Balance Light and Dark

Light colours open up a space, making it feel larger and airier, but what should you do if you have a small living room and love darker walls? Instead of having all walls be dark, choose a dark accent wall. You can draw the focus to this wall using art and décor pieces. Additionally, choose lighter furnishings and floors to help keep some openness.

Consider Clean Lines

Elaborately detailed living room furniture looks beautiful and opulent but is not ideal for a smaller space. Although a bit of whimsy can be fun, a smaller space is better suited to a more elegant style. As such, go with a transitional or contemporary look that is streamlined and timeless. Also, choose classic styles over trendy items.

Work Magic with Mirrors

It is possible to completely change the feeling of a room using mirrors. In addition to reflecting light across the room, they also open up the space. You cannot go wrong with several large, vertical mirrors.

Buy Vertical Furnishings

Use your living room furniture to draw the eyes where you want them. Vertical furnishings like armoires and bookcases draws the eyes upward and makes the room appear higher. You also get valuable storage space. Painting your ceiling a bright white or complementing colour helps draw the eye even more.

Choose Appropriately Sized Furniture

You may believe that the appropriate furniture for a smaller room would be smaller scaled furnishings. In fact, most people recommend this. However, many interior designers will disagree. This does not mean you should choose oversized or excessive pieces, as you need to ensure that you do not interfere with the livable space. The trick is to have few pieces of living room furniture that are large enough to guarantee comfort while keeping the area open. Furniture with longer legs looks less bulky and makes the room feel open and airy compared to pieces that sit on the floor.

Our Choices of Living Room Furniture for Small Space

When looking for useful, multifunctional, and appropriately sized furniture for a small living room, our experts would recommend pieces similar to the following:

Custom Waterfall Coffee Table with Pullout Ottomans

Distressed Vintage Louis XV Style Settee Sofa

  • Distressed Vintage Louis XV Style Settee SofaDistressed Chantilly lace lacquer finish
  • Designer grey velvet upholstery
  • Distressed Vintage Louis XV Style Settee Sofa

Pair of Vintage Sculpted Italian Zanuso Style Lounge Chairs

  • Pair of Vintage Sculpted Italian Zanuso Style Lounge ChairsBeautiful textured beige fabric upholstery
  • Original 1970’s Italian design
  • Pair of Vintage Sculpted Italian Zanuso Style Lounge Chairs

Pair of Modern Black Bookcases in Solid Wood

Modern Bronze Metal Floor Mirrors by Baker Furniture McGuire

Carrocel Offers the Best Selection of Living Room Furniture

A small living room does not bring limitations but instead presents opportunities for you to express your creativity. With the right pieces from a reputable furniture store in Toronto, you have endless potential to express your style. In addition to having one of the largest collections of living room furniture in Toronto, we also have a team of seasoned design experts to guide you in finding the best pieces. Let us help you live large in your small space. Get in touch with us today or visit our 20000 sq. ft. furniture showroom near Yorkdale mall in Toronto.

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