Louis XVI

This style of furniture, architecture, art, and decoration was developed during the reign of King Louis XVI. It is influenced by Roman history, paintings, and structures. The combination of comfort and luxury is of one the classic examples of Louis XVI style.

Features of Louis XVI Furniture

The typical characteristics of this furniture style are as follows:

  • Elegance, simplicity, and lightness.
  • Oval or shield-shaped seat backs.
  • Neat, angular, and geometric frames.
  • Fine, delicate elements.
  • Painted furniture with a preference for pastel colours and neutral shades.
  • Subtle ornaments portraying birds, cherubs, and pastoral scenes.

You will find this furniture is often made with oak wood, walnut, mahogany, and ebony or other varieties of fruitwood to compose its ornaments, moving pieces, and fashionable elements.

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