Which Sofa Style is Perfect for Your Living Room?

Buying a sofa is an important investment in your home. A beautiful and comfortable sofa naturally draws you, your family, and guests in, inviting you to sit and relax. This encourages bonding while leading to captivating stories, hearty laughter, and lifetime memories.

If you have recently been to a furniture showroom, you know that there are many sofa options. This can often leave people shopping for living room furniture feeling overwhelmed. Below are some of the best sofas and couches you should consider when shopping for living room furniture in Toronto.

7 Popular Sofa Styles for Your Home

Contemporary Sofas

If you are after a more modern and trendy style, a contemporary living room sofa is the perfect choice for you. These sofas often come in unique shapes and contrast soft textures and sharp lines, though some also feature bright colours and curved silhouettes. Adding soft blankets and pillows to your sofa contrasts the sharp edges and stark lines to make it more welcoming. You can use your sofa as a focal point for the living room or complement other trendy pieces.

Transitional Sofas

These bridge the gap between modern and traditional, making them a very popular, safe, and versatile option. Transitional sofas have the elegance and sophistication of both styles but are a little more inviting, meaning they will remain on trend for decades. They feature a simple silhouette but use textured fabrics to add dimension and character to the space. There is an unmistakable focus on durable construction and neutral colours with frames and materials that can take some wear and tear. You can use a transitional sofa as a base for the living room, adding some pops of colour to achieve a nice contrast.

Traditional Sofas

Traditional sofas are perfect for an elegant, formal living room. Although not designed for lounging and watching TV, they are perfect for relaxing and socializing with friends and family. They often feature ornate details like metal hardware, embroidered fabrics, or hand-carved wood and are available in many different styles.

Casual Sofas

If your focus is comfort, a casual sofa is a perfect addition to your living room. This sofa style is known for its big, welcoming cushions that surround you as you sink in. They feature a simple design that goes well with most décor. Casual sofas are available in several styles, with the Lawson sofa being the most popular, as it is considered the true definition of a classic couch. It features a simple silhouette with detached cushions on the back. The English rolled arm sofa is known for its low arms, which are noticeably cushy and round. They are very comfortable and have a timeless style that seamlessly fits casual and formal settings.

Cabriole Sofas

This is the perfect sofa for a person looking to create a high-end look for a formal living room – it brings thoughts of the old French royalty to mind. Cabriole sofas are known for their graceful lines with gently curving armrests and elegant tufted fabric. Classic versions of this style feature short, visible legs and intricate wood detailing. The curved silhouette makes it a standout piece for the living room.

Mid-Century Modern Sofas

A true embodiment of the mid-century modern design, this sofa style exudes sophistication and an appreciation for the clean lines that defined the era. Typically featuring tapered, fluid angles, sometimes conical feet, and neutral upholstery, these sofas are symbols of fine design that give your home an iconic and classic look.

Velvet Sofas

This is the perfect sofa for people whose focus is on size, affordability, and more contemporary aesthetics. Featuring cushioned armrests and a variety of neutral to vibrant colour options, a velvet sofa is a perfect choice for lounging, watching movies, or relaxing.

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If you are shopping for living room furniture in Toronto, our 20,000 sq. ft. showroom conveniently located near Yorkdale Mall offers an extensive selection to meet all your needs and preferences. Our selection of modern sofas features a wide variety of styles made from the best materials. Each option is comfortable and beautiful, making it the perfect centrepiece for your living room. Visit our showroom today or browse through our online catalogue. You can also get in touch with our highly resourceful design and furniture experts for more information and guidance.

Restored Vintage Blue Velvet Curved Back Sofa

  • Restored Vintage Blue Velvet Curved Back SofaLuxurious crushed blue velvet with intricate details
  • Sleek satin black legs in original curved mid-century design
  • Restored Vintage Blue Velvet Curved Back Sofa

Restored Vintage Mid-Century Modern Sectional Sofa Set

Art Deco Sofa in White Lacquer

  • Art Deco Sofa in White LacquerOriginal art deco design
  • New textured upholstery with white lacquer finishing
  • Art Deco Sofa in White Lacquer

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