A Homeowner’s Guide to Maintaining High-End Furniture

The differences between luxury furniture and normal furniture are more than just price. When it comes to luxury furniture, you truly are paying for quality, from how it’s made to the level of detail in its design. People who invest in luxury furniture tend to want to make their homes look and feel unique, which is why they’ll often go to bespoke furniture makers for customized pieces, whether it’s a dining room table or a simple shelf.

While most normal furniture is mass-produced and may not have the same quality, luxury furniture involves an entire design process, often with a whole team of designers lending their expertise to its creation, which is why it looks and feels so luxurious. If you end up buying such furniture, you’ll want to make sure that you take care of it so that it will last for years to come.

What Makes Caring for High-End Furniture Different?

When it comes to caring for normal furniture, it’s usually a straightforward process. Simply dust, wipe down surfaces, and vacuum regularly. If anything is spilled on the furniture, basic products like soap and water may be used to clean it.

When it comes to luxury furniture, however, the approach needs to be different. Since luxury furniture is made with higher-quality wood and fabrics, they require special care and attention. The best way to care for luxury furniture is to use special cleaning products that are specifically designed for delicate materials. Basic cleaning products often contain chemicals that could damage the upholstery of your luxury furniture or strip the colour from the wood, so it’s important to use the right products for each kind of material.

How to Take Care of Your High-End Furniture

Knowing that luxury furniture requires a different level of care than normal furniture, the following are two essential tips for caring for your high-end furniture:

Placement Considerations

Try to avoid putting your furniture close to direct sunlight or heat sources, as this can fade the colour of the wood or damage the upholstery. Additionally, ensure the overall environment isn’t too humid, as this can cause warping or cracking of the furniture.

Regular Care

The best way to care for high-end furniture is to care for it regularly. Lightly vacuum the upholstery once a month, dust wooden surfaces every week, and protect the surfaces of your furniture using coasters and placemats. Additionally, fluff your pillows after daily use.

Cleaning Recommendations for Different Materials

Different materials require different cleaning products. The following are a few tips on how to clean different materials:

  • Fabric: Regularly vacuum your upholstery. If something spills on it, blot the stain right away using a clean cloth, and be careful not to wipe the stain as this can cause it to spread. You can use a damp, lint-free cloth with mild soapy water if the stain remains.
  • Leather: Regularly use a dry lint-free cloth to dust leather and prevent dust build-up. If you have pets, consider using protective covers to avoid scratches. Treat your leather furniture using a conditioner to help rehydrate it. Be careful about the conditioner you use, as some oils can change the leather’s colour. We recommend testing the conditioner on an area of the furniture that is out of sight.
  • Wood: Wood furniture should be dusted often using a clean, lint-free cloth. Be sure to avoid setting liquids down on wood surfaces, as these can leave rings and marks even if the furniture is finished. As such, be vigilant about using coasters and placemats. When wiping your wood furniture, whether dusting or cleaning spills, always wipe in the direction of the grain.
  • Stone: Like other materials, stone needs to be routinely dusted. When cleaning stone furniture, use mild, non-abrasive cleaners. The best way to wipe down stone is by using a lint-free cloth that’s been dampened with mild, soapy water. Avoid using acidic cleaners (like lemon juice or vinegar) on stones such as limestone or marble, as these can cause discoloration or etching. Finally, stone can be porous like wood, so use placemats and coasters when possible to avoid staining.

How to Maintain Your High-End Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture tends to be more durable than indoor furniture, but it still needs regular care and attention. The following tips can help you maintain your high-end outdoor furniture so that it looks its best:

  • Garden Bench: Whether your garden bench is wooden or metal, it must be treated to protect it from the elements. If your bench is made of wood, you’ll need to treat it with a protective finish, such as varnish or paint. If your bench is made of metal, you’ll need to treat it with a rust-inhibiting solution.
  • Patio Chairs: Patio chairs are often made of plastic, metal, or wood. It’s important to regularly check your patio chairs for signs of wear and tear, as well as for cracks or loose parts. Additionally, regularly clean your patio chairs with mild detergent and warm water to remove dirt and debris.
  • Weatherproofing Furniture: To keep your outdoor furniture looking its best, you’ll need to weatherproof it. Furniture covers are a great way to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements, but you’ll also need to apply a weatherproof coating to protect your furniture from moisture and UV radiation. Additionally, check for signs of rust, rot, or mold on your outdoor furniture and treat them accordingly.
  • Wood Patio Furniture: Wood patio furniture should be treated with a protective finish to protect it against the elements. Additionally, you can use teak oil to help protect your wood furniture from fading and cracking. Regular dusting with a clean, lint-free cloth to keep it looking its best.

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