What Does Luxury Furniture Include?

Over the years, the perception of luxury has changed. In the past, buying luxury furniture was as simple as walking into a luxury furniture store in Toronto with a preferred designer in mind, then choosing whichever option appealed to you. Luxury is a more complicated concept today. It’s no longer just about the brand and the price tag.

Shoppers are now looking for luxurious experiences. This involves a combination of different aspects, including the fabric, quality of work, how the item is shipped, its durability, how it aligns with current and future trends, and more.

For some, luxury is an indicator of individuality and elegance, while to others, it is a feeling of distinction or aspiration. Luxury furniture must be a worthwhile investment for modern consumers based on its ability to meet specific criteria.

The Combination of Luxury & Design

Due to the current circumstances that have forced people to spend more time indoors than they usually would, there is a revived emphasis on the home and its design. People are now more drawn to luxury furniture from leading brands leading to the emergence of brand partnerships and alliances that foster luxury. A case in point is the alliance between the luxury brand Hermes and the Italian pillars B&B Italia to manufacture of its furniture. Gradually, the market is tilting towards “luxe-design” businesses, with French and Italian furniture receiving the majority of the initial attention.

The current movement in luxury furniture embraces all the materials used today, such as plastic, molded plywood, and bright steel. Juxtaposed with this approach, the design of modern furniture is characterized by

  • The use of natural materials
  • Warm colours and textures
  • Unique and original shapes that break from traditional industry patterns
  • Clear and pure lines
  • A focus on ergonomics and comfort

In other words, the perception of luxury furniture today follows the trends and fashions of the moment, with social media and celebrities playing a significant role in what is considered luxurious.

If you are looking to purchase luxury furniture, below is a comprehensive guide to the characteristics indicative of luxury furniture today.

7 Features of Luxury Furniture

Sophisticated Design

Good design is the foundation for creating stylish and functional furniture, whether modern or classic. The finest creation will suit any need, whether decorative with a large chic wall mirror or practical when matching living room furniture.

The key to creating a piece that looks and feels luxurious is to allow the designer to push boundaries at their discretion in order to create a furniture range that is expressive and stretches the general perceptions of style and aesthetics. For example, a unique lighting fixture will provide light to a room while complementing the look and feel of the area.

Distinctive Personality and Character

The difference that a new piece of furniture can make to a room is truly incredible. When you walk into Carrocel to shop for luxury furniture, it is imperative that you focus on the pieces you connect with. You can draw inspiration from rustic nature, various world cultures, or a designer’s imagination.

The key is to ensure that the furniture helps you realize and showcase your individual and distinct taste, whether in the form of an elegant lamp, a simple and minimalistic clock or fashionable, cool seating. Defining and translating your personality within your choice of furniture is imperative to capturing the qualities needed to enhance a space.

High-Quality Materials

The materials used in the production of furniture need to measure up to the quality of the concept. Otherwise, the meticulous and creative design process will not come through. The use of high-grade wood, fabric, plastic, metal, and glass is pertinent in developing a product that reflects a high standard, feels incredible to the touch, and lasts for a considerable amount of time without losing its appeal. This is particularly important for luxury furniture.

The components used in creating luxury furniture need to have stunning textures, finishes, structure, and patterns. Expectedly, these materials command a premium price which is reflected in the final retail cost. However, the reasons mentioned above make them a worthwhile purchase for those willing to invest in them.

Expert Craftsmanship

Once the design has been formulated and the right materials selected for a particular piece of furniture, it’s time for manufacturing. This is when the real value is added and what brings a luxury piece of furniture together. It takes real skill and expertise to transform a design and materials into an exquisite piece. As such, luxury furniture is typically created by the finest artisans who have dedicated their lives to training and refining their skills to make their products stand out. It is no surprise that the finest quality, bespoke furniture is handmade with the utmost care, using techniques and traditions passed down through generations.

Attention to Detail

Another key aspect in creating luxury furniture is the attention to detail demonstrated in the product. There is a world of difference between a piece where every element was carefully thought through and executed and one where things were done on a whim or mass-produced. You will find a notable contrast between furniture where luxury wasn’t the goal from the start.

Think of the best piece of furniture you have ever encountered. Multiple people spent a considerable amount of time thinking through every element of the piece and how they would work together to deliver a remarkable final product.

Value for Money

The prices of luxury items are higher than those of mass-produced alternatives as they add more value. If you are going to purchase luxury furniture, it is important to know how to select the best piece.

It is vital to clarify that ‘value for money’ doesn’t mean the cheapest item in the range or the most discounted. Instead, for something to meet the criteria for value, you must feel that it is worth every dollar you are spending on it. Durability is a good marker for this. An immaculately made $10,000 sofa that lasts 40 years and looks beautiful throughout its lifetime is well worth the money compared to a hastily made $300 sofa that you will need to replace in two years.

A Wonderful Overall Experience

The perception of luxury today extends far beyond the product itself. With the price that luxury furniture commands, it is fair to expect the furniture store you buy from to make the experience enjoyable from initial consultation to delivery. This final element truly makes you feel that you own luxury furniture. A modern furniture store in Toronto should have happy, friendly, and resourceful staff who share the same values as you and want to help you actualize your vision.

At many stores, you can select from the ready-made options or have a piece designed and custom-made. You should feel respected and listened to throughout this whole process. Discuss your payment and delivery options and make sure that they suit you. Preferably, you want to work with a furniture store that offers “white glove delivery” to ensure your item is safe in transport. The experience of purchasing and owning luxury furniture should be seamless, stress-free and delightful.

Enhance Your Home with Luxury Furniture

Luxury furniture is equally about how it looks and makes us feel as it is about functionality. At Carrocel, we believe that furniture is much more than a commodity – it is a reflection of your lifestyle and personality and should give life and vigour to your home. Every piece of luxury furniture from Carrocel is guaranteed to deliver breathtaking beauty, quality materials, functionality, and long-term durability. You also have a choice from a wide selection of furniture pieces or can have our exceptional artisans create a custom piece for your unique needs.

We are one of the best furniture stores in Toronto for a reason. Our excellence extends beyond our products. To help you with your purchasing, we invite you to visit our 20,000 sq. ft. showroom near Yorkdale Mall and experience the endless possibilities for furnishing your space under the friendly guidance of our resourceful furniture and design experts. We also offer white glove delivery to ensure that your furniture arrives in pristine condition and that you have a wonderful experience when you shop with us. Give us a call today and stop by our showroom. We’ll be delighted to work with you.

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