Maintaining the Life and Look of Your High-End Living Room Furniture

When homeowners make significant purchases, such as appliances, flat-screen televisions, or entertainment systems, there is an expectation of lasting performance and a long-term return on their investment. There is also the likely anticipation that any such items will also work reliably each and every time they are called upon to do so, and that any servicing or repair needs will be few and far between.

Modern Contemporary Livingroom Suite Deco Influences Carrocel ShowroomA similar mindset would apply in the case of high-end furniture purchases, notably the sofas and chairs that are subjected to regular/daily use by members of the family and any guests. Furniture should also be considered a significant purchase and investment for homeowners, and as such, it carries the expectations of longevity as well as enduring comfort and appeal.

Carrocel Custom Kitchen Bar-Stool Island Setup Leather BrassTo help maintain the life and look of high-end living room furniture, homeowners may want to make another investment, in a manner of speaking – the investment of time and effort to protect and care for their sofas and chairs. Whether the material is fabric or leather, it can last longer and maintain its appeal if it receives the attention it needs and deserves.

Here are some helpful tips for the care and protection of high-end living room furniture:

  • Leather Sofas and Chairs

    • Wipe regularly with a clean, dry cloth
    • Vacuum crevices to remove dust and debris
    • Apply a quality leather conditioner on a regular basis
    • Clean any spills immediately using a dry cloth/dry paper towels
    • Avoid cleaning with and/or prolonged exposure to soap and water
    • Avoid all-purpose sprays/cleaning agents not meant for use on leather
    • Gently buff out scratches/small cracks manually using a microfiber cloth
    • Position away from windows to prevent fading by direct exposure to the sun
  • Fabric Sofas and Chairs

    • Vacuum often to prevent dirt accumulation and penetration
    • Position away from windows/direct sunlight to avoid colour fading
    • Reverse or flip the cushions weekly to minimize shifting of fabric/padding
    • Hire a professional cleaner if needed (ensure that fabric is colour-tested first)

With the right amount of care and attention on a regular basis, high-end leather and fabric living room furniture will provide homeowners with the following on a long-term basis:

  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Functionality
  • Aesthetic Appeal

Carrocel Interiors Custom Livingroom SuiteWhile on the subject of high-end furniture, homeowners looking to enhance or upgrade the look of their living rooms may want to visit the Carrocel fine furniture store, located by the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, and browse their 20,000 square-foot showroom. This display floor presents complete room designs, including a wide array of high-end sofas and chairs, to suit various styles and tastes.

Re-Upholstery and Restoration Services to Prolong the Life of High-end Furniture

As mentioned above, one of the influential factors in the buying decision for new appliances relates to the aspect of service/maintenance. While this is an element that homeowners do not want to face on any regular basis, the proper attention, if or when it is necessary, could extend the life of the item and avoid the investment of additional funds to buy new again.

Carrocel Newly Made Dining Suite TraditionalAnd, as also stated above, a parallel approach can be applied to furniture upholstery and/or frameworks; in other words, there might be opportunities where the life and use of high-end sofas and chairs can be prolonged through the re-upholstery or restoration services offered by the Carrocel fine furniture store in Toronto.

There can be several valid reasons for re-upholstering or restoring high-end and/or antique furniture; such factors would include but are not limited to:

  • Accidental damage
  • Sentimental value/attachment
  • Still comfortable but looks worn
  • Weak or loose frames or springs
  • An ideal piece for the room or home

The artisans at Carrocel fine furniture have the skills and experience needed to Re-upholster or Restore Sofas, Chairs, and other High-End pieces of Fine Furniture; their work includes the unique combination of:

  • Skilled craftsmanship
  • The highest quality materials
  • Keen attention to the finer details
  • Multiple inspections and rigid quality control

For further information on the re-upholstery and restoration services provided the artisans at Carrocel find furniture, see our Furniture Re-Upholstery and our Furniture Restoration page.

Looking to purchase a new high-end sofa and chairs set for your living room? Already have a high-end sofa and/or high-end chairs that could benefit from professional re-upholstery or restoration services? Call the Carrocel fine furniture store in Toronto at 416-999-2525 today or contact us to arrange a complimentary on-site consultation at your convenience.

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