Proper Care and Protection for Wood Furniture

Wood Furniture Needs Proper Care and Protection to Retain Appeal and Durability

Ensuring Furniture DurabilityOne of the dilemmas that consumers often face involves choosing between the short-term and long-term benefits of a particular product or service; in many cases, the decision can be complicated, and influenced, by the initial cost of one option versus the other.  And truth be told, those who opt for the short-term solution will frequently lament the decision and admit that they should have paid the higher amount and invested in the other alternative.

Protecting FurniturePeople are confronted by these types of buying decisions every day; whether the item is a vehicle, an appliance, a new suit, or carpeting for their home, the quandary over short-term cost savings versus long-term value is ever-present. Sometimes, the choice is dictated by cost and cost alone, but in other cases where there is indeed some budget flexibility, long-term return and satisfaction should receive strong consideration.

Care Tips For Wooden FurnitureThe above scenario is certainly applicable to the purchase of furniture, where pieces built of solid wood are preferred over other materials such as particleboard, fiberboard, pressboard, and thin plywood. Luxury wood furniture offers a number of distinct advantages, such as:

  • Highly durable; lasts for generations
  • Endures daily use and wear-and-tear
  • Distinctive patterns in the wood grain
  • Edges/undersides are smooth/finished
  • Can be restored or refinished if needed
  • Built from natural sources (few chemicals)

Retain Appeal of FurnitureRegrettably, the money invested in any luxury or high-end furniture can be for naught if the wood and its finish do not receive the attention they deserve to retain their appeal and their durability. Consequently, homeowners who want to maximize the beauty and the lifespan of their wood furniture, and thus their enjoyment of such pieces, might benefit from the following tips for its proper care and protection:

  • Refrain from positioning wood furniture in direct sunlight (care against fading)
  • Avoid extreme temperatures; keep furniture away from heating/cooling vents
  • Protect wood surfaces from direct contact with items made of plastic or rubber
  • If any accessories sit/rest on the furniture, occasionally change their positioning
  • Use cloth pads or felt-bottom coasters to protect against hot, cold, or wet items
  • Clean spills immediately to prevent damage to the finish – blot rather than wipe
  • If writing while seated at a desk or table, place a protective pad under the paper
  • Always lift and place any items instead of dragging them across the wood surface
  • Dust furniture often, cleaning with a soft, dry lint-free cloth – wipe along the grain
  • Only use furniture polish every six months (same type of cloth, process as above)

As noted above, luxury wood furniture should be considered an investment rather than just a commodity; as such, its proper care and protection can/will yield the most optimal return.

Skilled Artisans with the Expertise Needed to Refurbish High-End Wood Furniture

When Toronto residents are looking for high-end wood furniture, they may find satisfaction in a visit to the 20,000 square-foot showroom at the Carrocel fine furniture store, located on Bridgeland Avenue near the Yorkdale Mall. This is where they can view and appreciate an impressive collection of wood furniture for home or office; this exquisite inventory includes:

  • Desks
  • TV Stands
  • Bookcases
  • Dining Tables
  • Platform Beds
  • Bedrooms Sets
  • and much more …

Furthermore, it was mentioned earlier that one of the advantages of luxury wood furniture is the fact that it can be restored or refinished if needed. Should this circumstance arise for area homeowners, perhaps due to accidental impact damage or their inheriting of a marred piece from an estate, they can count on the skilled artisans from Carrocel to provide quality workmanship.

Using only the finest quality materials and tools, the team from Carrocel can revitalize and refurbish wood furniture through their expertise in providing one or more of these services:

  • Refinishing
  • Restoration
  • Re-upholstery

For further information on the extent of these additional services from Carrocel, please visit our furniture services page.

If you have a piece or pieces of high-end wood furniture in need of some refurbishing, call the experts from Carrocel today at 416-999-2525 or contact us to book a complimentary consultation with one of our skilled artisans. And if you are looking to purchase luxury wood furniture for your home or office, visit our 20,000 square-foot showroom, centrally located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in Toronto, to see our extraordinary collection of sets and pieces.

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