Selecting And Taking Care Of Your Antique Bedroom Furniture

black and gold custom dining chairs

Fine antique furniture can look absolutely beautiful and stylish when in good condition. However, taking care of and cleaning fine furniture requires a few different materials and procedures than you would typically use with regular furniture.

Keep These Tips In Mind When It Comes To Proper Antique Custom Furniture Care:

  • First, when purchasing a particular piece, if you aren’t quite certain about its proper care requirements, it may be helpful to talk to the person selling the item. Or, seek the advice of a reputable antique custom fine furniture store, who is knowledgeable about antique furniture care.
  • Determine what cleaning items will work best for the material of the furniture. For example, antique bedroom furniture made of natural wood can best be cleaned with teak oil. Standard wood cleaners and off-the-shelf polishers could be harmful to the material, as it contains chemicals that can interact harshly with antique furniture.
  • Daily antique furniture care keeps items in great shape. It is not necessary to perform a large-scale cleaning each and every day so long as you practice daily maintenance, such as just rubbing items free of dust with a dry, non-abrasive cloth.
  • Natural cleaners work best, and furniture paste wax will provide both protection and a great shine for your wood furniture.
  • Keep antique furniture clear of direct sunlight. The sunlight could affect the colors of certain materials and cause them to become unsaturated.
  • Keep antique furniture clear of heat sources such as heaters or ovens, as over time this can affect the material and the bolts or screws holding components together.

For more information about antique fine furniture care and advice on particular pieces, contact Carrocel furniture store. We will be happy to discuss proper maintenance and your antique furniture restoration needs.

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