Tips For Buying Or Converting Antique Furniture For Your Bathroom

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Bathroom vanities are more than just utilitarian. They are also a means to dress up your bathroom in any style you desire. These vanities add charm and character to your bathroom unlike any other bathroom fixture. They provide a style choice that’s distinctive from the cabinet vanities you get at the big box stores.

Perhaps you’re looking for genuine antique furniture for your bathroom that can be easily and inexpensively turned into a unique bathroom vanity. Or maybe a reproduction of an antique will work best for you. Before you go searching through antique stores, learn more about converting antique bathroom vanities:

  • Real antique or a reproduction? Keep in mind that genuine antique furniture can be expensive. The wood and its finish will be exposed to potentially damaging moisture and steam in your bathroom. Consider antique furniture reproductions as they are available from any period, in any style, and in a variety of materials suitable for everyday use.
  • Your antique piece is beautiful, but is it functional? Not all pieces of antique furniture are suitable for conversion to plumbing. An old dresser or chest of drawers wasn’t designed with the purpose of being a vanity later on in life. Consider strength and durability while choosing a piece. Look for a sturdy antique that is in good shape and can withstand modifications.
  • Adapting your antique to modern plumbing: Converting authentic vintage furniture into a bathroom vanity needs careful planning. You will need to accommodate the sink and its plumbing for a correct fit. Keep in mind that moving the current plumbing may add substantially to the cost of remodeling. Waterproofing the piece both inside and out will prevent potential damage to the wood finish. You could also consider replacing older wood tops with granite or other natural stone slabs. Reproduction pieces designed for modern plumbing are another option for homeowners.
  • Finish with style: Your hardware choice should complement the look of your antique vanity. Buy fixtures that are appropriate to your piece while shopping for faucets and basin. The time spent looking for unique, historic reproduction hardware that complements your decor will be well worth it!

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