Tips from Luxury Furniture Experts to Determine Whether Reupholstering is Viable

Beautiful Reupholstered Carrocel FurnitureA common scenario played out in many households is a debate whether the time has come to invest in any big-ticket items, such as a new vehicle, appliances, or doors and windows. In many cases, these dilemmas are often resolved or settled when homeowners choose one side or the other; that is, resigning themselves to the fact that they can live with the status quo, at least for the foreseeable future, or the current situation is not acceptable and hence the item or items must be replaced.

A similar quandary might also develop over pieces or sets of furniture, particularly high-end sofas and chairs, which have served the homeowners and their needs rather comfortably for a significant period of time but are now the subject of a live-with-or-replace-it conversation. Fortunately, when such a debate centers on a piece or pieces of furniture, there is another option, reupholstering, which can revive look/charm and extend lifespan and functionality.

It is important to keep in mind that reupholstering is not a simple matter of tacking a piece of new fabric over a chair seat or the body of a sofa with a staple gun; it requires attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship in order to restore the original comfort and luxury to any piece/pieces of furniture. Consequently, there will be costs involved using such professional services, so it will be important to ensure that it is worth the expense to have the furniture reupholstered.

To that end, the luxury furniture experts from Carrocel fine furniture offer the following tips and suggestions to help homeowners determine whether reupholstering is a practical option whenever such a debate/dilemma may arise:

  • Age
    • Newer pieces (less than 10 years) are generally better to replace than reupholster
    • Furniture that has withstood 10 to 15+ years of use is more worthy of consideration
  • Sturdiness
    • If an item sways, wobbles, or feels unsteady when rocked, it is likely of lesser quality
    • Pieces that seem sturdier/more solid and/or do not rock easily are better options
  • Construction
    • Frame should be made of hardwood; item will be heavy, even with cushions removed
    • Joints should be tongue-in-groove or secured with dowels rather than staples or nails
  • Springs
    • If a sofa/chair has rubber panels rather than springs, reupholstering is not an option
    • If the springs are S-shaped rather than a coiled style, reupholstering is not an option
  • Cushions and Padding
    • If seats, backs, and arms compress easily, they are likely made of low-quality foam
    • If they still feel firm but perhaps uneven or lumpy, reupholstering can revitalize them
  • Personal Attachment
    • Does the piece have sentimental value? Is it ideally suited for its place in the home?
    • Or is it difficult to justify the cost of reupholstering versus buying a new piece or set?

When homeowners are unsure about the value of reupholstering a piece of furniture, it may be beneficial to consult the high-end furniture professionals from Carrocel, located near the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. Carrocel’s team of experienced artisans can offer valuable insight and advice on whether the reupholstering process would be a worthwhile investment for any specific piece or pieces.

Skilled Reupholstering of High-End Furniture for Your Home by Carrocel’s Artisans

Carrocel fine furniture takes pride in procuring unique and matchless high-end furniture and making these pieces available to discriminating homeowners in Toronto and the surrounding area. In some of these cases, Carrocel’s experienced representatives can see beyond the present state of the pieces and envision the restoration of their beauty upon reupholstering; consequently, these pieces are acquired and then entrusted to the experience and expertise of Carrocel’s skilled artisans before being displayed in their 20,000 square-foot showroom.

Some examples of the exquisite work performed by the skilled artisans at Carrocel include:

Vintage French Art Deco Parlor SetVintage French Art Deco Parlor Set (needs reupholstering)

  • Sofa and two matching chairs are original pieces manufactured in France
  • Light-coloured wood frame; dark wood dowel rods on the back and sides
  • View Here

Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chair with OttomanMid-Century Modern Lounge Chair with Ottoman (reupholstered)

  • From Carrocel’s Revival Collection; 1960s-style set restored in a deep blue upholstery
  • Both pieces have light grey wooden legs and armrests; ottoman features tapered legs
  • View Here

Animal Motif Velvet Oval OttomanAnimal Motif Velvet Oval Ottoman (reupholstered)

  • A transitional style ottoman with reupholstering that was done in sage green velvet
  • This is a one-of-a-kind piece, with curved wooden legs that wrap around each end

Carrocel Revival Curved Back Retro Settee in Burnt Orange MohairCarrocel Revival Curved Back Retro Settee in Burnt Orange Mohair (reupholstered)

  • A mid-century modern settee with a low, curved back and four tapered brass feet
  • Upholstered in a burnt orange mohair fabric with a single cushion for added comfort
  • View Here

Pair of 1940s French Rosewood Lounge ChairsPair of 1940s French Rosewood Lounge Chairs (reupholstered)

  • Original art deco club chairs featuring low, square backs and plush, deep seats
  • Restored in luxe purple textured velvet; rosewood arms refinished in dark stain

The scope of Carrocel’s reupholstering process encompasses the following critical elements:

  • Skilled craftsmanship
  • High-quality materials
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Multi-stage quality control

To learn more about Carrocel’s reupholstering process and its application in the restoration of high-end furniture, visit our Furniture Re-Upholstery page.

Investing in high-end furniture that has previously been reupholstered by Carrocel’s artisans can add sophistication to your lifestyle and your interior décor. Visit our showroom located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue near the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto to view our complete inventory of restored pieces.

If you would like to arrange a complimentary consultation about the value of reupholstering any existing furniture in your home, call the specialists from Carrocel fine furniture today at 416-999-2525 or Contact us for additional information.

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