Using High-End Furniture as A Statement Piece

Buying new furniture is often a significant investment for most individuals. When buying only one piece, consider making it a statement piece and refreshing the entire look of your room and home’s interior. Here are some suggestions to help make statement pieces work in your home.

Start Small

If you are unsure where to begin with statement pieces, start with bold, yet small choices. A brightly patterned chair, for instance, can make an impact without being too overwhelming. Another good place to start is with a colourful rug or art piece.

Keep Scale and Proportion in Mind

When you choose a statement piece, be sure that other items are able to hold their own in comparison. You don’t want one piece to overpower anything else. Also, a very large or very small item will affect the balance of the room and look out of place. If it is a functional piece that is improperly scaled such as a lamp or table, it will also be much harder to use the way you would typically be able to if it were the correct size.

Choose Your Patterns Carefully

When your statement piece has a fun print, try to make that the focal point and keep the other colours in the room more neutral and solid, so they aren’t competing. If you do want to mix patterns, vary the sizes and unify them with one or two similar colours throughout the room. Keep in mind that the ideal way to pick up colour in a room is by putting in three accent areas.

Let One Piece Stand Out

If you fill a room with bold pieces, the room will feel overwhelming and busy to the eye. Nothing can make a statement if everything is trying to make a statement. Instead, keep the rest of the pieces small and less detailed to help your main piece stand out.

Custom Carrocel Furniture That Will Make A Statement

The high-end furniture at Carrocel is on display in our 20,000 square-foot showroom at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in Toronto, near Yorkdale Mall.

During your visit, you will be able to browse the wide variety of statement pieces on the showroom floor. Here is a selection of some custom pieces currently available for sale:

Carrocel Custom Acrylic and Walnut Modern Console

Carrocel Custom Art Deco Style Marble Top Table

Carrocel Custom Macassar Sideboard Buffet Credenza

Carrocel Custom Modern Polished Walnut Dining Table

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