Popular Custom Furniture Trends You Need to Know About

If you are looking into furnishing your home with luxury pieces, consider custom furniture. Custom-made furniture is an outstanding choice as it can help you create an ideal environment that suits your lifestyle and needs without compromising on quality. Additionally, it gives you access to a wider selection of designs and materials, which allows you to create one-of-a-kind pieces that truly reflect your taste and style.

Creating custom furniture pieces can seem like an intimidating task, but we have highlighted some of the major custom furniture trends to be aware of. This can be helpful, particularly if you are not sure where to start or how to design a custom piece that suits your home.

Custom Furniture Trends to Style Your Home

Higher Tables and Barstools

High tables and barstools have become a popular favourite for many homeowners. This is due to the change in belief that high tables and stools are no longer just for the bar but can also elevate the mood in your home. A high table invites your guests to pull up a stool and relax. This is also a very functional way to create an open, inviting and fun working space that can motivate you to get more work done.

Pieces that Make Major Statements

In addition to height, the colour and size of your furniture play a significant role in creating a truly unique home. As such, large harvest tables are becoming a revived trend. To add a modern statement, add a splash of colour.

Traditional-Looking, Eco-Conscious Furniture

For years, solid wood was used to make custom furniture. These pieces include classic shapes, preserved grains, and rustic browns that look good and are easy to integrate into the home. This trend has become popular in the last few years as more consumers gravitate towards natural materials.

However, consumers are becoming more mindful of how their shopping habits impact the environment. This is reflected in their purchase decisions as they choose to purchase antique items or design custom furniture that is eco-friendly and designed to look like traditional pieces.

Mixing And Matching

Trends are consistently changing. While they were popular in years past, the minimalist traditions are slowly fading out. People are no longer drawn to a uniform look and instead, wish to express their creativity by mixing and matching styles and colours to create unique spaces.

Additionally, designers are gravitating toward creating custom furniture that is more functional and useful. Tables, custom-built shelves, and unique accents are among the custom furniture pieces that incorporate the mix and matching trend.

Things to Consider When Ordering Custom Made Furniture

Ordering custom furniture is not as difficult as you may assume. Outlined below are some basic strategies to help you design custom-made furniture that reflects your style and blends well with your home’s layout.

Plan Well

The first step to consider before shopping for custom furniture is to picture the layout of your room. You can draw it or find digital resources to help you create a replica. This will help you have a design scheme in mind. It will also help the furniture experts guide you through the options that will best suit your home.

Know What’s Worth Customizing

Understandably, custom-made furniture can be more expensive than a big box store alternative. As such, it may be better to customize pieces for key rooms in your home. These are typically the most used spaces, such as the dining area, living room and bedroom. You will appreciate the way these pieces complement the space and be proud as you actively took part in designing it.

Check Samples

Consider ordering samples of materials, especially fabric. This way, you can see if it feels like you expected, how it looks in the light, and if it can hold up to your kids or pets. This will help you determine if the fabric is suitable for your home and lifestyle. Samples of wood are also helpful, as they can come in a variety of shades depending on the brand, source location, and more.

Understand the Store’s Policy

The reality is that things can go wrong or not work out. With that in mind, it is important for you to be aware of the brand’s return policy. You might be faced with a situation where your furniture does not fit through the door as you thought or does not work out as you imagined. Knowing you have an option to return that piece eliminates disappointment or regret. However, keep in mind that companies may charge a restocking fee for the returned item.

Create a Unique Look with Our One-of-A-Kind Furniture Pieces

At Carrocel, we have a team of skilled designers and artisans that can turn your dream piece into reality. Our custom-made furniture is designed and made according to the customer’s specifications, and with materials they select. To actualize your vision, our conversations will focus on your choice of:

  • Style and size
  • Material, including wood, fabric, or leather
  • Pieces and accessories
  • Finish

Enjoy the Benefits of Custom Furniture at Carrocel

At Carrocel, we have passionate artisans who have the skills to bring customer designs and creations to life. You can be confident that your custom furniture project will be handled with care throughout every stage.

If you are in need of high-quality pieces that truly reflect your style and personality, custom-made furniture is the perfect solution. Reach out to us at 416-999-2525 to discuss your vision and let us turn it into a reality.

Modern Lacquered Buffet Credenza Sideboard with Brass Detail

Custom Modern Art Deco Macassar Dining Table

Carrocel Custom Carlaw Upholstered Lounge Chair

  • Carrocel Custom Carlaw Upholstered Lounge ChairNeutral blue-grey upholstery
  • Elegant turned legs
  • Carrocel Custom Carlaw Upholstered Lounge Chair

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