Tips on Purchasing Custom Furniture for Your Home

Custom Made Furniture May be the Solution for Discriminating Toronto Homeowners

Carrocel Custom Louis XV Marbled Porter ChairMany homeowners have likely experienced that feeling of exasperation upon heading home empty-handed after a long day of furniture shopping. Regardless of the piece/pieces being sought, these shoppers might express this feeling by telling family members, neighbours, or friends that every store seemed to carry the same inventory and/or that nobody had exactly what they wanted.

At this point, it is quite possible that the other parties might suggest custom made furniture as an option; this could in turn escalate emotions, as the homeowners may react by stating that custom made or fitted furniture is too expensive and/or that they need new furniture today and cannot wait several months until it is fully constructed.

However, putting aside these emotions and preconceptions, custom made furniture may be the ideal solution to the shopping dilemma outlined above; in fact, there can be a number of advantages to going in this direction, including:

  • Uniqueness of design
  • Choice of materials and colours
  • Quality construction/workmanship
  • Durability; long-term investment value
  • Perfect fit to furnish/finish the room/space

When considering the purchase of custom made furniture, Toronto homeowners may wish to consult with the skilled designers and artisans from Carrocel fine furniture, located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue near Yorkdale Mall. Collaborating with a custom made furniture supplier like Carrocel will provide homeowners the opportunity to discuss and address critical aspects to designing and manufacturing fitted furniture, including:

  • Size, shape, and style
  • Type and quality of wood
  • Choice and durability of fabric
  • Choice of colours (fabric and finish)
  • Choice and quality of any hardware
  • Method of construction and assembly
  • Personal preferences/family lifestyle needs
  • Supplier support during and post-production

Although the initial cost might be higher for custom wood or wood-and-fabric furniture, and the wait time could be a bit longer than buying in-stock inventory, pieces that are designed and constructed by the Carrocel artisans may be an ideal solution for discriminating Toronto homeowners.

Unique and One-of-a-Kind Custom Pieces to Complement Your Existing Furniture

In some instances, homeowners may not be looking for furniture that is custom made for a specific room or space, but would be intrigued by finding a unique or one-of-a-kind custom piece that complements their existing furniture and style of home décor. To accommodate such interests, Carrocel offers an impressive array of custom and original furniture available for onsite or online purchase.

A cross-section of the many distinctive pieces currently offered by Carrocel fine furniture includes the following bedroom, dining room, and living room pieces:

Carrocel Custom White Oak NightstandsPair of Carrocel Custom Louis XV Marbled Porter ChairsDove Grey Mahogany Duncan Phyfe Dining TableCustom Macassar Ebony Round Modern Cocktail Table

Detailed product information on Carrocel’s collection of custom made and original furniture can be found online at our Furniture Catalogue. For more information on the custom made furniture services provided by the Carrocel designers and artisans, please visit our Custom Designed Furniture page.

Looking for the ideal furniture to complete that special room in your home? Custom made furniture by the artisans at Carrocel may be the solution. Call Carrocel fine furniture today at 416-999-2525 or Contact us to request a complimentary consultation on our custom designed furniture services.

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  • Frank Delaware says:

    Thank you for all this information about custom furniture! One thing that really stood out to me is that you can actually choose the uniqueness of the design! My wife has been thinking about adding a little flare to her office, and I think a custom chair would really pull that off.

  • Kyle Winters says:

    I didn’t think that there would be so many different reasons to order specifically custom made furniture. However, you do make some great points about having custom furniture made to match a set. For example, I could see someone really liking the look and feel of their couch and decide to have a love seat custom made to match it.

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