How to Design Custom Furniture for Your Home

Many elements define you as an individual and radiate your personality. Like a custom suit or dress, custom furniture is made to express your taste, preference and lifestyle. Whether you are redesigning your current space or moving into a new home, you know exactly what you need. You have an idea for what you want the interior to look like – to have a space that is quintessentially you. A large part of this vision is to find the right furniture for the space. So, instead of endlessly searching for the perfect piece, why not design your own custom furniture that is precisely built to suit your style, lifestyle and space.

To design your own custom furniture, you need to examine your personal style and determine how best to express it. Then you need to decide on the specifics such as colours, textures, shapes and minor details you need to incorporate into your custom chair, dining table or sofa. While it might seem like a complex undertaking, here is a guide on how to get started planning your pieces and what you can expect during the custom furniture design process.

Measure Your Space to Determine Your Furniture Dimensions

In addition to taking the measurements of the room, you may also want to measure any existing furniture to help you get an idea of scale. The dimensions of the current pieces of furniture may help you get a sense of the perfect dimensions for the new additions, be it a table, rug or sofa. It will also help you give your room balance by maintaining a relatively consistent scale on your furniture. Before you start the design process, it is also important to make sure that your vision is compatible with existing factors in the space that you do not intend to change. This could be existing textures and colours such as the same wood tones as the floor, or a similar material as the fireplace. Although the aim is to create a custom piece that will be unique, it’s possible to design a piece that complements other items and aspects in your room without necessarily overtaking the room.

Select a Frame that Appeals to You

Even though the frame isn’t typically visible in an upholstered chair, bench or sofa, it gives shape and definition to the piece. The frame will directly determine the shape of your piece based on what appeals to you. You can select a sleek modern look, retro style of mid-century modern or classic lines.

If you are after a classic look, wingback chairs are the perfect example of a truly classic shape that is timeless and easily translates to modern spaces. If you are looking for a compact silhouette to use in a small space, a modern look might be the best solution for you, as this style tends to feature more streamlined options.

As for which material to use for the frame, you cannot go wrong with kiln-dried hardwood. This is a tried and true construction material that is particularly dry, which reduces the chances of bowing or warping. You may also want to consider engineered wood. Though it is not your typical traditional choice, it can make an equally structurally sound frame.

Decide on The Best Materials

When it comes to choosing custom upholstery, focus on the fabric, pattern and colour. As for non-fabric materials, it helps to consider durability and maintenance. Also, it is important to consider who will use the furniture and where it will be placed. This is particularly critical for people who have young children or big families as well as those with pets. If kids use the dining table for their crafting, drawing and colouring, this will influence your choice of material for the table. Natural teak requires more time and care to maintain while marble tabletops are easier to wipe clean. If you have pets, you might want to consider that synthetic fabrics are more scratch-resistant and repel pet hair as opposed to natural fibres such as wool.

To narrow down your options for colour and pattern, look to the future – will you still like that bold pattern or hue after ten years or longer? On the contrary, neutral shades age well even though they have a more subtle effect.

Leather is one of the most popular and common materials for furniture. It is typically available in natural shades and is incredibly durable, which makes it perfect for family rooms. Over time, leather gets softer and more comfortable, making it a great long-term investment. Additionally, leather upholstered furniture will also change colour over the years, often developing a rich patina, which is perfect for upscale sitting rooms.

Focus on The Details

Custom furniture is unique by itself. However, your personal touch and style are accentuated by the details. When designing a sofa, pay close attention to the make and finish of the legs. They unify the piece to other adjacent furniture. For example, if you have a driftwood coffee table, consider adding a sofa with legs in a driftwood finish to give your room a put-together look. Adding accents such as nailheads along the trim of a piece can add a subtle shine to the room. Beyond the details on the piece of furniture itself, also consider the home accents needed to tie the effect together once the piece of custom furniture is in your space. Pendant lights, chandeliers and sconces will illuminate and accentuate a custom dining table while pillows and throw blankets finish the look of your armchair or sofa. If you are in doubt, remember that you cannot go wrong with the right area rug – it can pull together any room.

Create Beautiful Custom Pieces with Carrocel

For most people, creating custom furniture is a way to explore and express their creativity. For others, it is a way to make a space their own while attaining the desired levels of comfort. Regardless of why you choose to embark on making custom furniture, it is undeniable that the process and resulting product brings a deep sense of personal pride and accomplishment. With an understanding of your needs, careful consideration of design and some free time, you too can create any piece of custom furniture for your space that fits your life and look. Contact Carrocel today to learn more about how we can help you get started.

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