How to Safely Store Your Antique Furniture for Moving

Every antique, from intricate wooden pieces through to bigger pieces of furniture, is unique and has its own story and history. Heirlooms passed down through your family for generations or even rare pieces found at yard sales or in a store will each have sentimental value along with their monetary worth.

When you make the decision to move, it’s important that you properly protect your antiques. These tips will help you learn how to prep, clean, and store your furniture safely when you are getting ready to bring it to your new home.

Clean Your Pieces

Before you get ready to pack anything away, give it a thorough cleaning. Be sure you research how to properly care for a piece before you begin applying chemical cleaners that can potentially ruin your items. If you aren’t sure if something is safe to use, consult an expert before you try it, as you don’t want to cause irreparable damage.

Some general tips when cleaning antiques are as follows:

  • Wipe wooden items with soft, dry cloths to help remove any dust and buildup. If this isn’t working, try a natural polish to help clean and prevent cracks and dryness.
  • For glazed porcelain and ceramic items, you can use isopropyl alcohol to clean them. However, do not use alcohol on wood or painted glass items as you can remove the finish.
  • For delicate pieces, dust them off with canned air or a paintbrush. For jewelry, avoid over-cleaning it as this can cause it to become dull over time.

Break Down What You Can

To save having to stack items on top of each other, it helps to disassemble them where you can. This helps reduce the risk of falls, scratches, damage, and prevents unnecessary stress on furniture joints.

To take pieces apart, follow these tips:

  • Carefully take apart any removable parts, such as shelves, drawers, legs, headboards and more.
  • Keep yourself organized by labelling the pieces you take apart and making a checklist. Consider drawing yourself a guide if that will help you.
  • Take pictures of each item. This will not only help you remember how it goes together but also be useful if, for any reason, you need to make an insurance claim.

Wrap and Protect Everything

If you take the time to wrap and protect your antiques properly, they will retain both their beauty and their value. Regardless of what you’re packing, it helps to choose the right materials that will best protect your pieces.

  • Take time to cover your antiques with protective paper or wrapping to help keep them safe from moisture, mildew and dust.
  • Place padding on the edges and corners of art, frames and mirrors. Store them flat to minimize the risk of falls and damage.
  • Purchase dish protectors to place between your dishes and glass items to protect them from chips, cracks and damages.

Protect Your Antiques and Find Pieces for Your New Home

Your antiques can be delicate and should be treated with care when you need to move them. In addition to the pieces you already have, you can find a variety of antiques and luxury furniture at Carrocel. Our furniture store is located in central Toronto at 245 Bridgeland Avenue, where you will find our 20,000 square-foot showroom. You can also browse our online product catalogue for a complete inventory of the pieces we currently carry. If you have any questions or would like more information about Carrocel or an item we carry, please call us at 416-999-2525.

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