Factors To Consider Before Investing In Antique Lighting And Mirrors

Antique & Vintage lighting

Considering investing in antique lighting or mirrors? While antiques can fetch you rewarding returns, a lot depends on the quality, public taste and market conditions. Experts also caution against putting more than 10 to 15 percent of the value of your investment portfolio into art and antiques.

The most rewarding returns, however, come from enjoying the beautiful items that lend grace and style to your home. That they may fetch you top dollar in the years to come is an added incentive to own antique mirrors and/or lighting. It also helps that antiques and collectibles have become increasingly popular in the past few years.

Here Are Some Valuable Tips on Buying and Selling Antique Furniture:

  • Research Reduces Risk: This means that you must educate yourself about antiques. A good way to do this is by consulting museums, design centres, universities, other collectors or antique dealers. You can also get information from trade journals, magazines, books and related associations.
  • Find A Reputable Antique Dealer: Preferably one with sufficient experience to know about quality, market trends and pricing practices in antique lighting and mirrors.
  • Buy Top Quality: It may seem expensive but the upside is that these items tend to appreciate even in poor market conditions. Medium-quality antiques often do little more than keep pace with inflation.
  • Obtain A Written Appraisal Or Certificate: Contact a leading appraiser or certifier to attest to the quality and authenticity of the item. This is a valuable document to have at the time of insurance as well as resale.
  • Locate Experts For Maintenance And Antique Repairs: Remember that your antique furniture should be maintained regularly and in appropriate environmental conditions. Only trust the experts to care for these valuable items.
  • Insure Your Antiques: In addition to fire, theft and breakage, also include natural disasters like floods and accidents in your policy.
  • Make A Detailed Plan For Disposal: Your attorney or estate manager may not always be sensitive to the value or importance of your investment collection.
  • Don’t Sell Below Value: Sometimes people are willing to sell items for less than they are potentially worth, either because they are unaware of its true value or they desperately need the cash. Here is where research and a reputable dealer can make a significant difference.
  • Tax Differences: Many items that are collectible are considered as “wasting assets” and do not factor into inheritance or capital gains tax calculations.

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