How to Design a Stunning Dining Room for Your Home

The dining room is one of the most important areas in your home because of the many functions it serves. It’s a space where you eat, entertain, and even work. As such, when it comes to designing your dining room, you want it to be comfortable, chic, and inviting all at the same time.

However, the size of the dining room and whether it’s open to another space can limit what you can do with it. With that in mind, the following are a few tips on how to create functional, practical dining room sets.

Decide What You Need in Your Dining Room Set

The dining room has a very specific function: it is where you, your family, and your guests will gather for meals. As such, it’s essential that you figure out precisely what furniture the space needs to ensure that it’s both functional and practical. With that in mind, the following is everything you’ll need when it comes to dining room sets:

Dining Table

The table is the centrepiece of your dining room. Although you’ll want to make sure its style matches the overall aesthetic of your home, it should also be able to comfortably accommodate everyone who will be eating there. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure it fits your available space. The last thing you want is a cramped and uncomfortable dining area that is unpleasant to use.

Dining Chairs

Be sure to buy a set of chairs that fits your table in style and size. These chairs should also be comfortable. Finally, make sure there are enough chairs for everyone in your household and extra chairs for guests.

Occasional Table, Console, Cabinet

Having an occasional table in the dining room is a great way to use otherwise wasted space. This can be used for buffets, overflow items, and smaller serving pieces. An elegant console table can also add a decorative touch to your dining room. You could also opt for a cabinet that can provide extra storage and serve as an accent piece.


Using mirrors can visually open a space, making the dining room look larger than it actually is. Additionally, they help reflect light which can make the room more inviting. Use mirrors that match your dining room’s style and a size that works well with the space.

Custom Furniture

Custom furniture is made to fit your dining room’s exact space. This can be a great way to make use of an awkward corner, help you get the most out of your available space, and add a modern twist to your dining area. For example, you could include a built-in sideboard and custom shelving to house your dishes, glassware, and other serving pieces.

How to Plan the Perfect Dining Room Sets

Now that you have an idea of what kind of furniture you need for a functional dining room, the following are a few tips on planning for the perfect dining room sets:

  • Design with Function as The Priority: Consider how you will use your space and factor in things like seating capacity, additional storage, and ease of access. How often do you eat there? How many people generally eat at once? How often do you host guests? These questions will help identify your furniture needs.
  • Choose the Right Dining Table: The dining table must not only be functional, but it must be aesthetically pleasing as well. After all, it’s the focal point of your dining room. For larger spaces, a rectangular table works well. For smaller spaces, consider a round or oval shape.
  • Settle Down with the Right Dining Chairs: Besides fitting visually with the table you choose, you’ll also want to ensure your chairs are comfortable. Check for solid construction and good lumbar support. Make sure that the chair’s height is proportional to the dining table as well.
  • Essential Lighting: If you have an overhead light, make sure it’s bright enough and that the lighting fixtures match the style of the space. If you want to add drama, consider a chandelier or pendant lights.
  • Subtle Furnishing: Not every element of your dining room has to be eye-catching. Play up subtle details such as rugs and curtains to give the space a finished look by adding texture, colour, and warmth.
  • Choose Storage for Crockery and Cutlery: You can opt for traditional cabinets and sideboards to store your dishes and silverware or choose custom furniture for a contemporary look. When choosing storage, ensure it’s easy to access and that it coordinates with your table in style and finish.
  • Experiment with Design: A minimalist design is best suited for dining room spaces. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. Experiment with colour, texture, and pattern to give your dining room a unique look that reflects you and your family. For example, hang paintings or portraits on the walls to add a visual flourish.

Choose the Ideal Layout for Your Dining Room Set

Once you’ve decided on the types of furniture you want to invest in, you’ll need to figure out the best way to arrange them in the room. Here are a few tips for choosing the ideal layout for your dining room set:


Traditional dining room layouts are what most people are familiar with. The table is usually placed in the center of the room, with chairs and other furniture arranged around it. The table is typically long and rectangular, requiring a larger space for such a layout. Sideboards and freestanding cabinets are commonly used as well.


If you have a smaller dining room and want to use more modern furnishing, a contemporary layout might be the best choice. Contemporary layouts involve using more compact furniture and placing them at angles to create an interesting visual effect. Consider floating shelves or wall-mounted storage for extra space and stylish bentwood chairs for extra seating.

Urban Open Plan

If your dining room is open to your living room or kitchen, you won’t have as much wall space to place furniture against, such as sideboards and cabinets. If space is limited, you may want to use a more square or oval table. Additionally, because you won’t have as much wall space, you may want to use a tall glass cabinet to store dishes and cookware.

Suburban Open Plan

Suburban open plans are layouts in which the dining space sits nestled between an open kitchen and an open living room. As such, you’ll have even less space to work with than an urban open plan. When choosing the furnishing for such an area, you’ll want to ensure that there’s enough space to move from the kitchen to the living room without feeling crowded. Consider using an area rug below the table to help define the dining space.

Kitchen Relationship

If the dining space is shared with your kitchen, you’ll want to consider using more lightweight furniture, such as bar stools or benches. Doing so helps retain a light and airy feeling in the space while still providing enough seating. It also helps prevent the look of your dining furniture from clashing with that of your kitchen.

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