How to Create and Design a Great Dining Room

Set the scene for a casual family dinner or a grand dinner party with beautiful and comfortable dining room furniture. From an elegant dining table to classic dining chairs and stylish accessories, the right combination of dining room furniture can enhance the atmosphere in your dining room and transform every meal into an experience.

The dining room is the beating heart of a home. It is where friends and family come together to eat, unwind and enjoy each other’s company. We can all agree that few things bring people together like food. Whatever the occasion, a simple family dinner, a casual weekend lunch, or a festive feast for a crowd, make sure your dining room provides the right atmosphere for the event. The selection of dining room furniture at Carrocel is designed to bring quality, comfort and class to your home so you can provide a warm and inviting space that is functional, beautiful and timeless. Whatever your style, be it vintage, modern or a blend in between, we have everything you need to bring your vision to life.

Considerations when Designing a Dining Room

There are some things you need to keep in mind when designing your dining room. First, you need to make sure that everyone can comfortably sit at the table. You also need to have adequate space around the table for people to comfortably walk around without squeezing against the chairs or the wall. Therefore, measurements are key and will affect the overall result. Purchase the bigger pieces like the dinner table to have a feel for the space before you move on to dining chairs and accessories. It is also important to keep comfort and aesthetics in mind as you make these decisions. If you don’t know what style to go for, start simple and clean. You can then always add and update as your taste changes.

Dining Room Tips

  • Leave enough space on the table for each person – at least 2 feet.
  • Use round tables to save space.
  • Use rectangular tables for long but narrow dining rooms.
  • Go minimal on seating to save on space. Use a bench instead of chairs, then tuck it under the table after dinner.

Dining Chairs in Toronto

When it comes to choosing dining chairs, comfort is key. Ideally, you want to match the shape of the chairs to the shape of the table. Square dining chairs work best at a rectangular or square dining table and round chairs for a round table. To guarantee comfort and support, look for dining chairs that are at least 17 inches wide and 20-24 inches deep. The seat height is also important for comfort. Ideally, you should have about a foot of space between the table and top of the chair.

Dining Room Tables in Toronto

As the centrepiece of the dining room, the size and shape of dining room tables define the space. Do you want a square or round table? Do you want a rustic or sleek and modern look? Once you have the basic idea in your mind, bring out the tape measure. For a table that will host approximately four people, look for options that are 36 inches and above to create enough space for serving dish placements and food. You can even use blankets and boxes to visualize and get a feel of how each element will fit in the room. Alternatively, our experts can guide you to find the right size and style for your dining room or help you create a custom dining table to suit your needs.

Shop for Beautiful Dining Room Furniture at Carrocel

For more than 30 years, Carrocel has helped thousands of people realize their interior design dreams and visions through unique, high-quality furniture and accessories. Bring us your vision for your dining room, and we’ll help turn it into reality. Contact us today to talk to our experts, browse our catalogue, or stop by our store to get some design inspiration.

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