Create Custom Furniture at the Carrocel Fine Furniture Store in Toronto

Custom furniture designs are all about creating a reflection of your style preferences, personality and taste. Regardless of whether you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve with your interior design or need some inspiration, Carrocel Fine Furniture can help you design the perfect furniture for your space.

Carrocel is a leading provider of custom made, handcrafted furniture in Toronto and the greater Toronto area. For 30 years, we have completed a wide range of projects including residential, commercial and hospitality applications. Whether you are looking for one exceptional piece or a complete set of high quality and durable furniture, our highly talented and experienced craftsmen will exceed your expectations. No custom furniture design requests are beyond the skill level of the artisans at Carrocel.

Custom Furniture Services

Finding the right furniture for your space can, at times, be frustrating. Instead of spending hundreds of hours in shops and online searching for that elusive piece, what if you could create it exactly as you envision it? Carrocel offers you the ability to create custom furniture designs that are unique to you. Accent chairs and sofas can be customized with hundreds of fabric options while dining tables can be created to the exact dimensions, shape, and colour you want. Many other pieces have various customization options as well.

Why You Should Choose Carrocel as Your Custom Furniture Design Store in Toronto

There are many benefits of working with Carrocel on your custom furniture project, but above all, we guarantee that you will love the result. We listen to and understand your needs so we can provide the fine custom furniture that you desire exactly as you envision it. We work closely with our clients at every step, ensuring that our processes are transparent and that your input is taken on board. We have a long-established reputation for delivering the best quality custom furniture in Toronto, and we are glad to work with you.

Designing Custom Furniture for Your Home

To design custom furniture, you need to examine your personal style, and how you wish to express that style in the pieces you want to create. This will influence the shapes, textures, colours, and details you will incorporate into your custom item. From that point, do the following:

  • Take Your Room Measurements to Establish the Perfect Furniture Dimensions for the Space
    To get a sense of scale and establish the ideal dimensions, it helps to take measurements of any existing furniture in the room. It is also important to make sure that you maintain balance in the room by keeping the scale of furniture consistent. Also, be sure your vision is compatible with existing textures and colours that you do not wish to change in the space. If you want to create something new, you can design a unique piece that shares complementing features with the other items in the room.
  • Choose a Frame that Appeals to You
    The frame, though not typically visible, gives the piece its shape and look. A modern look works great in a compact silhouette for a small space. Kiln-dried hardwood is a great material due to its hard character and low potential to bow and warp.
  • Focus on The Feel
    To choose the upholstery for your custom furniture, focus on the colour, fabric and pattern. These can be influenced by who will use the furniture and where it will be placed in your home. Synthetic materials are more scratch-resistant and repel pet hair, unlike natural fibres. Marble tabletops are easier to wipe down and maintain than teak. When selecting the colour, choose classic shades that remain in style, such as neutral options.
  • Pay Attention to The Details
    It is your style that makes custom furniture truly unique. Try unifying the piece with adjacent furniture by adding common features. You could have a driftwood leg finish or brass nailheads along the trim to accent the room. Additionally, consider other home accents such as throws and pillows to finish a sofa, or pendant lights and chandeliers to complement a dining table.

Create Beautiful Custom Furniture with Carrocel

With an understanding of what you want, design consideration, and some time, you can create custom furniture that truly reflects your tastes, style and personality. Contact Carrocel today to get started.

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