Custom Buffets and Sideboards for Your Dining Room

Custom Sideboards and Buffets Can Add Comfort and Practicality to a Dining Room

Retro Frosted Metal BuffetGathering around the dining room table offers the opportunity to share a home-cooked meal or celebrate a special occasion with coffee and dessert while enjoying the company of family and friends. Depending on the number of guests, the quantity of food and drink consumed, and the topics of conversation, these get-togethers can last for a few hours.

Macassar Greek Key BuffetAnother factor that can influence the duration of the event and the overall enjoyment of the guests is their comfort while seated around the table. If they are able to easily push their chairs back from the table and/or pivot from side to side to engage in various conversations, they will likely be oblivious to the time; on the other hand, if they feel somewhat squeezed or are unable to freely exit/re-enter the room if needed, they will probably be checking their watches routinely, waiting for the chance to utter that awkward phrase of ‘look at the time’.

French Art Deco Marble Top SideboardWhile a good deal of their comfort will be dependent on the style of dining room chairs and the amount of space provided to them around the table, there is another behind-their-backs factor, so to speak, that can influence how long they choose to remain seated – the amount of furniture in the dining room and its effect on their perception of crowdedness.

Louis XVI Mahogany Buffet with Marble TopMany hosts, albeit unintentionally, might be confining their guests and limiting their comfort by the sheer number of furniture pieces in the dining room; the table, chairs, buffet, china cabinet, entertainment system, étagère unit, curio cabinet, and liquor cabinet all found in many dining rooms can detract from the overall ambience of the setting and have an impact on the guests’ level of enjoyment.

In fairness, some of these pieces are required for storage, with others serving functional or display purposes; but they also take away floor space or clearance space around the room, thereby giving the guests a closed-in or crowded feeling. To alleviate any such concerns, a custom buffet or sideboard from Carrocel fine furniture could provide the ideal solution.

Custom sideboards and buffets offer the dual benefits of food service surfaces plus storage capacity, while also increasing the amount of available dining room space for guest comfort. As an aside, while some might apply the terms buffet and sideboard interchangeably, these furniture pieces are differentiated by their height, with the latter being the taller of the two.

There are several factors that homeowners can take into consideration when choosing their Carrocel custom buffet or sideboard for their dining room; such options would include:

  • Style – classic, vintage, contemporary, or rustic
  • Construction – wood, metal, steel, glass-and-brass
  • Configuration – doors, drawers, shelves, wine racks
  • Finish – wood stain; leather, faux leather, or marble tops

Pale Sage Distressed Faux Leather Covered SideboardThe purchase of custom dining room furniture, such as a sideboard or buffet, can transform perceptions of the room while maximizing the available space for entertainment purposes or storage capabilities. Through the insight offered by a Carrocel fine furniture representative, homeowners can select the custom piece that best suits their home, needs, and lifestyle.

Browse an Impression Selection of Custom Dining Room Sideboards and Buffets

Carrocel offers an impressive selection of custom sideboards and buffets to meet the style, needs, and floor space of discriminating homeowners.

A visit to the Carrocel showroom, centrally located near the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, offers homeowners an opportunity to browse a superb collection of custom dining room furniture, including the following cross-section of currently-available sideboards and buffets:

The above are but a mere sampling of Carrocel’s comprehensive inventory of custom buffets and sideboards. For a more complete appreciation of the scope of their current inventory, please visit our Buffet Sideboards page or stop by their 20,000 square-foot showroom at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in Toronto.

Looking for an elegant custom sideboard or buffet to add a unique combination of comfort and practicality to your dining room? Call the fine furniture experts from Carrocel today at 416-999-2525 or Contact us to request a no-obligation consultation. And take advantage of our 20,000 square-foot Toronto showroom to personal compare and contrast our superb selection of custom dining room furniture.

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