7 Most Durable Types of Wood for Custom Furniture

When choosing wood for making furniture, there are several types of softwood and hardwood available. Each wood type will have different characteristics, including grain, finish, density, and colour. Although you can utilize any wood to make your furniture pieces, not all woods are created equally.

When choosing a suitable wood for your custom furniture, you must understand its properties. This guide will offer you detailed information on different aspects of wood, including types of woods and what is ideal for custom furniture.

Hardwood vs. Softwood

One of the easiest ways of distinguishing the wood used for making furniture units is hardness. Most people believe that hardwood is denser or harder than softwood, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Hardwood usually comes from flowering trees, while conifers produce softwoods. Both softwood and hardwood are used for everything from decorative to structural purposes. The comparison chart below highlights the difference between hardwood and softwood.

Hardwoods are derived from flowering, deciduous trees.Softwoods are derived from coniferous, evergreen trees. 
They have a rough wood textureThey have a fine wood texture.
They are porous owing to the presence of vessels.They are non-porous since they lack vessels.
Hardwood is denser because of its complex anatomical structure. Softwoods are less dense because of their less complex anatomical structure. 
They have a tracheid content of 5 to 10%. They have a tracheid content of 90% to 95%.
Not all kinds of hardwood are ideal for furniture making. Since hardwoods are expensive, they are mainly used for high-end furniture pieces. Almost all types of softwoods can be used to make furniture. Approximately 90% of all timber is derived from softwoods. 

7 Types of Wood for Custom Furniture

A wide range of hardwoods and softwoods are available for making furniture pieces. However, since wood has a variety of applications, you should choose the type of wood that suits your project. Knowing the different kinds of wood for custom-designed furniture will help you select a wood type that matches your project requirement and budget. Here are seven types of wood for making custom furniture.


Walnut is a popular wood for making furniture pieces. The shock resistance, stability, strength, and rich colour are some of the reasons why walnut is in demand. Although walnut is among the most expensive hardwoods, most woodworkers use it because of its beautiful appearance.

Walnut polishes well, and its colours range from creamy white and pale brown to dark chocolate brown with dark brown streaks. It is used in making carvings, cupboards, wood veneers, furniture, and flooring. It can also be used to make musical instruments like guitars and violins.


Maple wood is incredibly durable, stains nicely, and looks great. Furnishing fanatics and woodworkers gravitate towards maple because of its sleek grain patterns, creamy colour, and spectacular strength. Maple comes in two different varieties: soft maple and hard maple. Because of its attractive grain and greater stability, maple is considered one of the best woods for furniture-making.

Maple wood is mainly used for making high-end furnishings, accessories, cabinetry, and flooring. Its distinctive reddish-brown colour or golden hue can brighten your space. Maple wood is ideal for kitchen furniture since it can be wiped clean using a damp cloth.


Oak is a hardwood that is ideal for making custom furniture. It comes in red and white colours, with the white variety being used more widely for furniture since it is more attractive. Oak is durable, strong, and resistant to everyday wear and tear while providing natural beauty that blends perfectly with any home.

Oak is perfect for outdoor furnishings since it is resistant to water damage and fungal attacks. The white oak is mainly used for outdoor applications because of its lack of open pores and tight grain. Red oak is best used for indoor furnishings because it will likely show wear and tear over time if exposed to the elements.

When used with the proper treatment and sealing, oak furniture can last for many years, making them ideal for manufacturing your heirloom pieces. Oak is ideal for making custom-made furniture, flooring, panelling, cabinets, molding, and turning.


Mahogany is the most popular tropical hardwood and is less expensive than rosewood or teak. This wood is highly durable and has an even, straight, and fine grain. Mahogany has a beautiful reddish-brown colour that darkens over time, and it displays a beautiful reddish sheen when polished. Mahogany is also strong and naturally resistant to termites. As a result, it is a popular choice for making custom-designed furniture pieces, creating carved furniture, and moldings.


Cherry comes from the cherry fruit tree. It is quite a popular type of wood that can be stained and finished quickly. Cherry tends to have smooth grain, rich colour, and flexibility, making it popular among most woodworkers and furniture manufacturers. It also steams easily, making it perfect for use in curved designs.

Cherry wood has a light pinky-brown colour when freshly cut. With time it darkens, turning into a medium reddish-brown colour. The hardness of cherry wood is similar to that of mahogany. Because of its high demand, cherry is one of the most expensive hardwoods.


Birch is classified as one of the harder types of wood. It comes in white and yellow colour varieties. White birch tends to have a lighter colour that looks almost like maple, while yellow birch usually has a pale-yellow appearance and a reddish-brown hue in its heartwood. Both varieties of birch are easy to work with and are not as costly as other types of hardwoods.


Pine is one of the common softwood types used for many applications. It is durable, sustainable, and affordable. It is mainly an indoor wood but can also be treated and used for outdoor furniture. Pine can easily be finished, stained, and painted. There are many types of wood for custom-designed furniture, but pine is a perfect choice.

Pine comes in different colours, most commonly a creamy, white look or yellow shade. Pine trees grow relatively quickly, and they are plentiful for woodworkers to utilize in their projects.

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