How to Incorporate Custom Furniture in Your Home

Whether you are redesigning your current space or furnishing a new home, it helps to select unique furniture pieces that work with your lifestyle. However, finding the right items to suit your vision can be difficult.

Instead of spending hours trying to find something to fit your space or compromising on what you want, consider custom-made furniture. Each piece is designed to match your specifications, ensuring it will fit your home perfectly. By keeping some guidelines in mind, you can help your custom furniture pieces blend into your home seamlessly.

Incorporating Custom Made Furniture

Measure Your Room and Existing Furniture

This will give you a sense of scale and determine what will best fit your space. You can select the size and dimensions that work without being overwhelming. Additionally, knowing the measurements of your existing furniture pieces will ensure that they do not overshadow your new piece, and the room stays balanced, even with a new addition.

Determine the Look by Selecting a Frame

Although the frame will not typically be visible, it plays an essential role in shaping the final look of your custom furniture. Because of this, it is recommended that you pick a frame that matches the desired look of your custom furniture piece. Wingback chairs are a good example of classical frames that have stood the test of time and are still used today. Selecting a good material for your frame will also ensure that it is durable. Kiln-dried hardwood is a naturally dry material often used in frames as it has a low risk of warping.

Choose the Best Material for Your Lifestyle

When selecting the material, be sure to consider functionality, maintenance, and your lifestyle. For example, a home with active toddlers or pets may not want to select glass furniture. Pieces at risk of getting dirty, such as tables, may be better made with an easy-to-clean material, such as marble.

To decide on the colour and pattern options, think about your future needs and preferences. You might not want that bold pattern in the next five years, and unique colours may not suit the space if you choose to redesign it in the future. Neutral shades are typically the best choice. Though subtle, they age well over time and suit a variety of décor styles. Leather is often available in neutral shades that develop a beautiful patina over time. Its durability makes it perfect for family rooms.

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Be Mindful of the Details

The difference between good and great furniture is in the details. Seemingly minor things such as the make and finish of the legs on a sofa have the potential to change the look of your custom furniture completely. Eccentric tailored throw pillows on your sofa or brass nailheads along the trim of your dressing table can add a subtle pop to the room. Additionally, consider the accents needed to bring the room together. Pendant lights, chandeliers, and an area rug will do a great job of blending the room.

Quick Tips to Get the Customizations Right

You Need a Plan

Have a vision of what the space will look like when it’s finished, including the aesthetics and functionality, before you start shopping for custom furniture in Toronto. Having a solid idea of what you want and keeping it in mind as you look for pieces will help guide your choices and make decision-making easier and smoother.

Know What’s Worth Customizing

Customize furniture items for the key spaces in your home, such as the bedrooms, dining area, and living room. These are spaces that have more traffic or are frequently used. Putting custom pieces in these spaces provides more opportunities for them to be seen and appreciated.

Pick A Furniture Store That Will Work with You

Your choice of furniture store will either make your experience a memory to remember or a costly mistake. It helps to select a reputable custom furniture store in Toronto that can bring your vision to life. Their knowledgeable team should have the experience to help you shape your vision, be able to give you samples, offer helpful insight and recommendations, and help you make the right decisions for your unique needs and preferences.

At Carrocel Fine Furniture, we have some of the leading design and furniture experts to guide you through the process. Our friendly and resourceful staff will help you shape your vision. You can visit our 20,000 sq. ft. furniture showroom near Yorkdale Mall to get inspiration and see some of our available options. Whatever your idea is, we can help you get the custom-made furniture you desire.

Get Custom-Made Furniture That Suits Your Specifications with Carrocel

Creating custom furniture requires a lot of details and careful work. Working with an experienced custom furniture provider in Toronto that understands what it means to create unique, stand-out items is the key to turning your vision into reality. If you’re looking for a furniture store that will support and guide you through the process of creating custom furniture, contact the team at Carrocel today.

Pair of Modern Art Deco Style Curved Back Lounge Chairs by Carrocel

  • Pair of Modern Art Deco Style Curved Back Lounge Chairs by CarrocelSolid hardwood beechwood frame
  • Upholstered in designer fabric
  • Pair of Modern Art Deco Style Curved Back Lounge Chairs by Carrocel

Custom Modern Porcelain Dining Table with Crystal Ice Top and Brass Angled Base

Set of 8 Custom Modern Leather Dining Chairs with Washed Finish


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