Your Guide to Buying Custom Dining Tables for Small Homes

Many people are choosing to live in smaller homes for many reasons, including downsizing, cost, and more. With creative home furniture ideas, you can enjoy a beautiful home without sacrificing the valuable space your home has. Whether you have an integrated dining room or a separate formal room, our innovative ideas will ensure you have a beautiful place to enjoy meals.

Custom Dining Table Ideas for Small Spaces

A Round Table

A round table will help fill up a room with limited space. If you have a corner that you want to designate as your dining area, a round table will fill it beautifully, saving space and transforming it into an elegant eating area. Since there is so much you can do with a round dining table, it is easy to enhance your space with colourful pops or keep it minimal with a classic wooden look. Go for a size that suits your space and choose oval or circular designs with materials that complement your existing décor.

Folding to Save Space

If you do not have a dedicated space for your dining table, you can choose a custom-made foldaway table. With a foldable table, you can flip it out whenever necessary and create a dining room within minutes. You can also get custom-made stacking or foldable chairs that you can pull out whenever you need them.

By the Window

A by-the-window dining table can be optimized with built-in bench seating. You can also maximize space by incorporating storage areas under the benches. Colourful cushions and seat pads can be used to make your dining space more elegant and unique. You can also make your dining area fancier by incorporating a chandelier or a pendant light.

Go Slim

A small dining area should never restrict you when choosing dining room furniture. A slim-line rectangular table can maximize the space and perfectly fit your narrow dining space, kitchen, hallway, or conservatory. Elegantly tuck in the chairs and choose ceiling-hung lights or wall-hung lights on pivots to avoid taking up floor space.

Use the Walls Wisely

You can free up space in your dining area by placing furniture against the walls. Use floating or open shelves to provide flexible storage for crockery and cutlery items. Open shelves can perfectly fit your walls and are more flexible than standalone sideboards and cabinets. You can also make your small dining area look bigger by placing mirrors on your walls. The mirror’s reflection can make it seem like there is extra space and help reflect light around the room, making it airier and brighter.

Go for an Extendable Table

Extendable dining tables are ideal for those who have guests frequently or host parties. You can expand your table further whenever necessary or tuck it down when you don’t need extra space. Stackable chairs can also be stored neatly in the dining area when not in use.

Experiment with Colours

A vibrant dining room can put you in the mood for a good meal. You can make your dining area colourful using contrasting paints, wallpapers, and other décor elements. Patterns and bright colours will draw more attention to your dining area and create a wow factor.

Counter Height Dining Tables

You can extend your kitchen into a dining area with a counter-height table. Their height helps them blend with the counters and add a unique look to your space. Bar chairs or stools with a spindle and slim legs are the perfect chairs for these taller tables.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Custom Dining Tables

Getting The Measurements Wrong

When ordering custom dining tables, measurements are a crucial consideration. Ensure you measure your space correctly to get a table that fits into your home. It also helps to take measurements of the hallways and entryways to guarantee a perfect fit. You do not want to find a perfect dining table that does not fit through your doors.

Not Checking Material Samples in Person

It isn’t easy to pick the material you want your table to be made from by looking at images. It helps to look at the material in person to guarantee it suits what you are looking for.

Not Customizing Your Design

With custom designs, you have the opportunity to create a table that perfectly suits your space. This allows you to really make your dining table your own.

Not Considering the Other Furniture and Décor You Already Have.

The shape and colour of pre-existing dining room furniture and fixtures will affect your choices when making a custom-made dining table. You want a dining table and chairs that will blend with your existing décor instead of having to change everything to suit your new pieces.

Not Asking for Advice from a Professional

Most mistakes can happen if you try to undertake a project you aren’t sure of without consulting with a professional. The best way to avoid mistakes when designing your custom dining table is by asking for advice from experts.

Purchase Your Custom Dining Table with Us

If you are looking for custom dining tables that will transform your home, Carrocel can help. We create and design unique and original dining furniture for our clients that make a remarkable statement in your home and impress your family and guests. With our bespoke dining tables, you can choose a size and shape that suits your needs.

Whether you need a particular size to suit your space or want a unique style that is hard to find, we can help you achieve your goals. For more information about our custom dining tables, contact us today. You can also browse our showroom or check out our online catalogue for samples of our custom dining tables and chairs.

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