How to Choose the Size and Material for Your Dining Room Furniture

Many Factors to Consider When Choosing Fine Dining Room Furniture

There is little doubt that one’s personal tastes in furniture styles can change over the course of time; whether this is influenced by the manufacturers, interior designers, advancements in technology, or even the decorating statements of an individual artist/celebrity, consumers can routinely be faced with decisions between retaining the status quo in their home versus upgrading/modernizing to keep pace with the current trends.

When consumers do opt for change, there is one element that remains consistent regardless of the size/scope of the transformation that is being made; they want value for their money in terms of:

  • Aesthetics
  • Functionality
  • Durable Performance

Let’s face it; once the decision is made to invest in new furniture, it can be quite frustrating, not to mention expensive, to do it over again prematurely due to poor quality or unfulfilled expectations/lack of satisfaction.  Therefore, this value-investment mindset should apply to choosing the size and the materials of any new furniture, and especially for the dining room.

Carrocel Custom Modern Deco Dining Set CarrocelThe dining room offers a curious dichotomy, as it may be utilized less frequently than other rooms in the home but must deliver the unique combination of atmosphere and functionality when called into service, in a manner of speaking; this is where the extensive selection of fine dining room furniture available from Carrocel will prove advantageous for homeowners in search of the right high-end table and chairs to suit their dining and entertainment needs.

Beginning with the choice of material for a dining room table, the Carrocel staff can provide valuable insight and recommendations based on homeowner needs and priorities relative to:

  • Anticipated frequency of use
  • Most common reasons for use
  • Flexibility for décor and accents
  • Appearance – luxury; indulgence

In turn, Carrocel offers an extensive and impressive selection of high-quality dining tables in a variety of materials, including but not limited to:

  • Wood – mahogany, cherry, rosewood, walnut, olive, maple, Macassar ebony
  • Glass and Acrylic – with brass, Lucite, polished nickel, or brushed steel bases
  • Marble and Granite tops – for an ultimate combination of strength and luxury

Dining Room Furniture DisplayA visit to the Carrocel showroom, located near Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, would be the ideal way to compare and contrast this wide range of options in dining room table materials.  As a precursor to an onsite visit, homeowners can view a cross-section of currently-available tables by visiting our Dining Room Tables page.

Design and Area of a Dining Room Will Influence the Choice of Furniture

Carrocel Deco Dining RoomIn addition to the choice of material for a dining room table, the proportions and floor space of the room must be taken into consideration to determine the table’s actual size and shape.  Aside from the individual factors noted above, if the overall fit of the furniture is unsuitable, the dining or entertainment experience could be less comfortable and less enjoyable as well.

Here too, Carrocel offers dining room tables and chairs in a variety of shapes and sizes that can accommodate rooms/areas of all descriptions:

  • Large rooms – larger/bolder tables, chairs with arms, sideboards
  • Smaller rooms – extending tables, less ornate chairs, corner tables
  • Open-concepts – customized designs to complement other furniture
  • Square/box-shaped – round, oval, or multi-sided tables to add curves

With 20,000 square feet of showroom space, Carrocel offers homeowners the opportunity to view many complete dining room designs; this can help to visualize the appeal and comfort of their new dining room furniture or perhaps inspire ideas for a custom-designed suite that will provide the comfort and function that best suits the dining room space in their home.

When you decide to furnish or refurnish your dining room, your choice of furniture size and material will need to accommodate the primary uses of the room as well as its dimensions and floor space.  Call the fine furniture experts from Carrocel today at 416-999-2525 or contact us to discuss your needs and preferences.  You are also invited to visit our 20,000 square-foot showroom at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in Toronto to view our superb selection of high-end dining rooms tables, chairs, and accent pieces.

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