Choosing the Right Chairs for Your Dining Room Table

If you find a beautiful dining table that doesn’t include the chairs, don’t be discouraged. You can always purchase your chairs separately. Feel confident knowing that the table and chairs don’t need to match perfectly. They do, however, need to complement each other. The scale and style of your chairs and influence whether your dining room set looks complete or if it simply doesn’t go. Here is a guide to help you select the dining chairs to suit your table.

  • Scale – Be sure you measure the height of your dining table. The most common heights range from 28 to 31 inches from tabletop to floor. When measured from seat to floor, many dining chairs are between 17 and 20 inches. This leaves you with a space of from 8 to 14 inches to sit. Generally, 10 to 12 inches is considered the most comfortable height that a diner prefers, so aim for a chair that will fit in with these guidelines. Keep in mind that the thickness of the tabletop, any apron underneath, and the size of the diner could cause this number to fluctuate.
  • Seat Height – The distance from tabletop to seat is essential when selecting chairs. Measure the distance from the bottom of the tabletop to the top of the chair seat to get an accurate understanding of the amount of room you will have. If there is an apron on the table, measure from the bottom of that to the top of the seat instead. Keep in mind than upholstered chairs will compress when sat on, to try to take measurements both when the chair is empty and again when someone is sitting on it.
  • Width and Depth – You want to be sure that the chairs will fit under your table. Otherwise, you risk damaging both the table and your chairs. For end chairs, be sure they are able to slide underneath the table without hitting the legs or pedestal. If you need to use multiple chairs along the side of your table, ensure that there is room for them to fit under the table without hitting each other or the table’s supports. Aim for at least a few inches of space between each chair to avoid diners feeling cramped and uncomfortable.
  • Arm and Back Heights – If the chairs you want have arms, ensure that they don’t touch or hit the underside of the table or apron. Not only will this damage both over time, but it may also prevent diners from sitting close enough to the table to comfortably eat. Also, keep in mind the difference between the table height and the overall height of the chair. The back of the chair should be taller than the top of the table by at least two inches, or they can look out of place.
  • Style – While a compatible scale is important, finding compatible styles is too. Polished ebony tables will not look right if paired with rustic pine chairs. On the contrary, a traditional farmhouse table will look out of place if paired with intricately carved and upholstered seating. To avoid this, be sure that your table and chairs share a common element. This can be the period they were produced, a colour or undertone, how formal they both are, or a single aspect such as matching legs or feet.

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