Beautiful Custom Dining Room Tables Available at the Carrocel

A Superb Collection of Custom Dining Room Tables to Suit Your Needs and Tastes

There is a very distinct aura that accompanies meals taken in the dining room in contrast to those consumed in the kitchen area of the home. Although all meals are likely prepared by the same member(s) of the family and will have the same aromas and flavours irrespective of where the appetizers, entrees, and desserts are served, the atmosphere of a dining room sets it apart from the kitchen and its respective proximity to the appliances, counter space, sink, and wall-mounted cabinets.

That special dining room atmosphere is of course influenced by the homeowner’s choice of furniture, particularly the table, which is typically the most prominent piece of the entire set in terms of its size, style, and functionality. In turn, the selection process must take several factors into consideration relative to dining room tables before the homeowner makes their buying decision; such factors would include:

  • Room size and shape
  • Decorating preferences
  • Reasons for dining room use
  • Frequency of dining room use

An overriding aspect to all of the above is the importance of investing in a dining room table that offers long-term durability and performance while simultaneously satisfying the lifestyle needs of the family. Fortunately for homeowners in Toronto and the surrounding area, they can address any/all of these requirements by visiting the Carrocel furniture store showroom, centrally located near the Yorkdale Mall.

Carrocel carries a superb collection of custom dining room tables to meet the varied tastes and needs of discerning homeowners. By consulting with the knowledgeable Carrocel staff, customers can select the ideal custom dining table to be the focal piece of that room.

The following are some of the custom dining room tables currently featured for sale in the 20,000 square-foot Carrocel showroom:

Beautiful Custom Dining RoomCustom-Made Walnut Art Deco Style Dining Table

  • Modern art deco style; constructed of solid walnut
  • Contains two leaves and sits atop a pedestal base

Modern Dining Table with Titanium Marble TopOval Modern Dining Table with Titanium Marble Top trimmed in Brushed Brass

  • Black marble table top trimmed with a brushed brass metal band
  • Two wood pedestal bases finished in black and trimmed in matching brass

Flamed Mahogany Dining TableEl Sol de Oro – Flamed Mahogany Dining Table

  • Contemporary-style custom dining room table
  • Crafted in a starburst pattern and finished in satin
  • Rests on a pedestal of gleaming gilt wood

Custom Impero Dining TableCarrocel Custom Impero Dining Table

  • Original Deco pedestal design with Macassar starburst table top
  • Burled walnut banding, polished nickel inlay & polished nickel trim

Olive Burled Dining TableCarrocel Custom Olive Burled Dining Table

  • Tiered slab top in olive burl with an arched deco-inspired pedestal
  • Two interior leaves allow table to be extended to just over 10 feet
  • Custom sizes and finishes are available for this particular table model

Macassar Ebony Dining TableCarrocel Custom Macassar Ebony Dining Table

  • Solid one-piece top that can be extended to 14 feet via leaves on both ends
  • Sits on two U-shaped pedestals, each with sloped, block-layered plinth bases

These are but a few of the exquisite dining room tables in Carrocel’s inventory. To view the entire collection of dining room tables, including additional custom dining tables, currently available from the Carrocel store on Bridgeland Avenue near the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, please visit their 20,000 square-foot showroom at your leisure.

For the finest in high-end custom dining room tables, call the fine furniture specialists from Carrocel today at 416-999-2525 or contact us to request a no-obligation consultation on the size, shape, and style of custom dining table that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

2 Response(s) for “Beautiful Custom Dining Room Tables Available at the Carrocel

  • Ruba Hamza says:

    I live in Calgary
    I’m looking for a white marble dinning table with gold/brass base
    For 10 chairs but layout is 3 and 3 un the side and 2 and 2 in the corner
    If you are able to make it and shipped to Alberta
    Please let me know also how much does it cost
    Thank you

    1. Carrocel Interiors says:

      Hello Ruba, thank you for your interest. We offer virtually endless options for custom dining tables with shipping world wide. I have just sent you an email with more production information.

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