Why You Should Buy Vintage Furniture

The trend for vintage furniture and the rediscovery of traditional craftsmanship is still going strong. Coupled with the conscious consumption movement, it makes perfect sense to buy vintage furniture for your home or office. Each piece brings originality and style not seen in items from big box stores or warehouses today. When looking for the right furnishings for your home, it helps to know what vintage furniture is and why you should consider purchasing it.

What is Vintage Furniture?

Most people use the term vintage to mean old. However, in the technical sense, simply being old does not make any furniture vintage. That said, any piece of furniture that is at least 20 years old, whether original or restored, is considered vintage. However, the piece also should follow the unique style of the period in which it was made. An Eames chair is a good example of vintage furniture of the mid-century modern era. If you are looking for vintage furniture in Toronto, consider asking the store staff to verify that the piece you like is truly vintage and from which era.

Reasons to Buy Vintage Designer Furniture

Vintage furniture continues to grow in popularity, and for good reasons. There are several factors that make these pieces so desirable.

Unique Look

As time goes by, vintage furniture becomes less common and more unique. This is also true of pieces that were mass-produced in the time and abundant. They give any space individuality and a unique style that cannot be replicated with newer items. You also can use pieces from one style or mix eras to curate a collection of vintage furniture. If you mix from different eras, make sure that the pieces share some visual elements to ensure they look harmonious and cohesive.


Furnishing with vintage items is one of the most environmentally conscious options today. It prevents old furniture from going into landfills and ensures that you are using furniture that has already finished off-gassing.


If you are looking for quality furniture but are on a tight budget, vintage options could be the perfect solution for you. They can allow you to indulge in fine furniture with higher quality craftsmanship and materials at a lower cost than a similar piece would be if purchased new or recreated.

Better Quality

Today, most furniture pieces are made up of MDF (medium-density fiberboard), which breaks apart easily, can be easily damaged, and often doesn’t last long. Vintage items are of higher quality and often built with solid wood or other alternatives that won’t get damaged easily and will continue to last.

No Assembly Required

Although there is an appeal in self-assembled furniture, the convenience and assurance that comes from already assembled items are undeniable. It gives you the confidence that the piece you are buying is professionally made and built to last, saving you time and headache. High-quality furniture follows specific construction methods, will sit level with the floor, and includes techniques like dovetailing. Because of this, you will never get the same quality in a piece you assemble on your own.


The biggest criticism of furniture options offered by big box stores is that they come in small sizes. However, many people prefer bigger, more standout pieces that make a statement and define a space. This is often true for items like couches and dining tables. Additionally, you also need to achieve an aesthetic balance in your furniture arrangement in terms of size and height within the space. While small is good in some cases, vintage designer furniture gives you a selection of larger pieces that can work harmoniously.

Where to Find Quality Vintage Furniture

While shopping for vintage furniture in Toronto might seem like a daunting challenge at first, it is, in fact, an exciting adventure. At Carrocel Fine Furniture, our 20,000 sq. ft. showroom near Yorkdale Mall has an extensive collection of vintage pieces to meet all your stylistic needs and preferences. Our friendly and resourceful staff will be glad to discuss your project and which pieces in our collection will serve you best. You can also contact us to learn more about what we have available.

Vintage American Mid Century Modern Sofa

Vintage French Black Lacquered Dining Table

  • Vintage French Black Lacquered Dining TableElegant black lacquer finishing
  • Exquisite brass detail at the top and tip of the legs
  • Vintage French Black Lacquered Dining Table

Vintage Mid Century Modern Chaise Lounge Recamier

  • Vintage Mid Century Modern Chaise Lounge RecamierSleek upholstery
  • Sculpted, comfortable design
  • Vintage Mid Century Modern Chaise Lounge Recamier

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