How to Choose Vintage Lighting for Your Home or Office

Important Questions to Ask Yourself or the Retailer When Buying Vintage Lighting

If you are looking to make a decorative statement in any room or rooms of your home, you may want to consider accessorizing with vintage or antique lamps.  Vintage lighting can turn any area into a warm and endearing space while adding a little retro or period flavour, too. And just to clarify, when we refer to vintage lighting, we are not talking about the hand-held torches and candles used in medieval castles; we mean classic styles that have endured for decades and still deliver value in terms of function and visual appeal; these styles include:

  • Table-top
  • Free-standing
  • Ceiling-mounted
  • Side/wall-mounted

When you are shopping for vintage or antique lamps, you will naturally want to escape the heartache of buying an item that does not work or will cost a small fortune to make it work (unless of course it has an overwhelming ornamental appeal or a purely sentimental value).  Therefore, to help with your decision-making, our vintage lighting experts at Carrocel fine furniture have developed the following list of questions to ask yourself or the retailer before committing to buy:

  • Where do you plan to install the lamp, and for what purpose?
  • What is the age or era of the lighting and can this be verified?
  • Has it been rewired (or need to be) to meet today’s standards?
  • Has it been tested and approved for safe use in a home/office?
  • Are the sockets compatible with modern-day bulbs and wattage?
  • Do you know any reputable antique dealers who carry replacement parts?
  • What types of cleaning agents can be used (or should be avoided?)

By investing the appropriate time and effort to do some research, or doing your homework first so to speak, shopping for vintage lamps can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Find the Ideal Vintage Lighting at Carrocel Fine Furniture for Your Home or Office

Although you may be able to discover that once-in-a-lifetime treasure by scouring local flea markets or thrift stores, you are much more likely to find the ideal vintage lighting for your home or office by visiting the Carrocel fine furniture store near Yorkdale Mall in Toronto.

Carrocel offers an outstanding inventory of vintage and antique lamps for sale including:

  • Chandeliers
  • Floor Lamps
  • Table Lamps
  • Sconces/Lanterns

A preview of our vintage lighting portfolio is accessible via our online catalogue by entering the word lighting in the search field.  Some of the exquisite products currently available for purchase include the following:

Mixing Different Furniture Styles and Designs and Ways to Make it Work

Vintage Monumental Asian Solid Bronze Table Lamp in the Manner of James Mont

  • Sculptured-bronze lamp with an oriental-style motif on an ebonized wooden platform
  • Mid-century modern lighting designed in the style of James Mont; lamp labelled no. 8
  • Vintage monumental asian solid bronze table lamp manner james mont labeled no. 8

Mixing Different Furniture Styles and Designs and Ways to Make it Work

Mid-Century Floor Lamp by Maison Arlus Triple Light

  • Cast iron and brass frame with three crystal glass shades and a round, black base
  • Arranged in a floral design with three gold stems and a centre stem made of wood
  • Mid century floor lamp maison arlus triple light

Mixing Different Furniture Styles and Designs and Ways to Make it Work

Mid-Century Modern Chandelier

  • Mid-century modern lamp with eight light globes and a chrome frame
  • A Carrocel Original; an ideal choice to add some 1980s flair to any home
  • Mid century modern chandelier

Mixing Different Furniture Styles and Designs and Ways to Make it Work

Arredoluce Triennale Floor Lamp

  • Metal pole light stand with adjustable metal rods holding red, blue, and yellow metal lampshades
  • Base of light stand has three metal feet; power cord is housed inside the centre pole
  • Arredoluce triennale floor lamp

If your preference would be to view the items in person, our complete collection of vintage and antique lamps is on display in our 20,000 square-foot showroom, conveniently located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in central Toronto, and you have an open invitation to visit us in our store at your leisure.

Enhance the décor of your home or office while adding a touch of retro as well with vintage lighting from the Carrocel fine furniture store in TorontoCall the vintage furniture and accessories experts from Carrocel today at 416-999-2525 or contact us to request a complimentary consultation with one of our knowledgeable staff.

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