Purchasing Antique Furniture in Toronto

Antique furniture is reasserting a new relevance in modern interior design. The nostalgic, timeless designs that exude a blend of class and elegance are gaining popularity on all major platforms. In response, antique stores in Toronto and the rest of the world now have these invaluable pieces of design on offer. You might be wondering how to incorporate antique furniture in a modern home. This guide will provide you with everything you need to know before you visit an antique furniture store.

Antique Furniture Store in Toronto

Finding the right antique furniture store will shape your experience in finding the right pieces that will actualize the vision you have for your home. Add an aura of class and elegance to your home décor with a set or piece from the extensive collection of the highest quality, original antique furniture in Toronto at Carrocel. Our highly experienced craftsmen also provide furniture restoration services for your pre-owned pieces of furniture. Our antique furniture experts are always glad to give you a complimentary consultation to help differentiate between superior and inferior quality antique furniture, as well as choose the right pieces for your home.

Antique Furniture Store Selections

With more and more stores offering antique furniture and an expanding selection to choose from, finding the right pieces can be challenging. The main reason why buying antique furniture can be tricky is because the word antique is open to interpretation. How do you tell if a piece is an antique, and what are the various types of antique furniture? Once you have determined an item’s age, how do you value antique furniture? That is where our antique furniture specialists come in. With their in-depth knowledge and years of experience, they will assist you with finding the right pieces for your home based on criteria such as style, function, condition, level of craftsmanship and era.

How to Add Antique Furniture to Your Home

Blending antique furniture with modern-day items and designs can produce a stunningly brilliant effect. The key here is being open to experimenting with stylistic commonalities and dynamic areas of contrast to create a space that is uniquely you. Here are some pointers:

  • Reupholster an antique sofa with a traditional or contemporary print to give it a new life and tie it with the modern look of your home.
  • Consider having an antique sofa to serve as a clotheshorse in your bedroom.
  • With a focus on compact, functional spaces in modern interior design, a two-person loveseat is small enough to fit in otherwise small or awkward places. You can choose to place it in any small, unutilized space that requires additional seating.
  • Add texture and colour accents to your antique sofa by incorporating details such as tassels, studs, and other trims.
  • A magnificent Chesterfield, whether formal or relaxed, will add instant charm within a rustic, comfortable setting such as a living room or study.

Find A Luxury Antique Furniture Item for Your Home

The right piece of antique furniture could be all you need to create the space that you’ve been dreaming of, and Carrocel is here to give you the guidance you need. Our 20,000 sq. ft. furniture showroom houses countless full-size room displays, letting you experiment with different antique furniture pieces before you buy. Feel free to stop by our antique furniture store in Toronto or contact us if you have any questions.

Late 19th Century Rustic French Carved Dining Library Table

  • Late 19th Century Rustic French Carved Dining Library TableRustic hand carved base
  • Original French plank tabletop
  • Late 19th Century Rustic French Carved Dining Library Table

Pair of Flamed Mahogany Commode Chests

  • Pair of Flamed Mahogany Commode Chests Rich hand rubbed brown mahogany finish
  • Original vintage hardware
  • Pair of Flamed Mahogany Commode Chests

Flame Mahogany Round Duncan Phyfe Center Table

  • Flame Mahogany Round Duncan Phyfe Center TableBeautiful book-matched sunburst centre flame mahogany top
  • Classic prima Vera banding with tulipwood inlay
  • Flame Mahogany Round Duncan Phyfe Center Table

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