Tips to Help You Differentiate Between Superior Quality and Inferior Antique Furniture

Difference between Superior and Inferior Quality Antique Furniture

While age does matter, not all antique furniture is created equally. While some pieces are extraordinary and come from exceptional craftsmanship, others are a poor attempt at restoration.

As a buyer, you need to know what differentiates superior from inferior quality.  Doing so will not only help you purchase a piece that will last, but ensure you are not overpaying for a poor piece of vintage furniture.

What to Look for When Buying Antique Furniture

When looking at antique furniture, there are five factors you will need to consider: rarity, aesthetic appeal, desirability, authenticity and the craftsmanship.

  • Rarity – Not all antique furniture items are rare. If, however, the item is something that cannot be easily found in your city or even the state, then it will be worth more than something that was mass produced.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – If you are looking at a piece of furniture and all you can think about is what you need to change, then it may not be worth the price. Aesthetic value, while mostly personal preference, is still important. Also, the overall condition of the piece matters. If it has heavy scratches, looks as though it is unsteady or even in serious need of repair, it will not be worth as much. Remember, however, that a quality piece could still require repair work, but you must decide if the repairs are worth the price.
  • Desirability – This is what the market considers “hot” right now. For example, certain pieces go through trends and one year they could be worth more because of that trend.
  • Authenticity – The authenticity matters. Is the piece really from the time period the seller claims? Does the piece have the artist’s or craftsman’s signature on it?
  • Craftsmanship – The construction and composition of a piece of antique furniture can tell you a lot. Antique furniture held together by nails or staples is a piece of shoddy craftsmanship. Similarly, dovetail joints and mortise-and-tenon joints are the sign of superior work. Solid wood versus thin plywood or particleboard is also important, because solid pieces of wood allow high quality and skilled craftsmanship.

Finding Quality Furniture Starts with a Quality Retailer

A good seller is one that takes pride in their selection of antique furniture items. They will only carry the finest and most authentic pieces and often have the history or authenticity paperwork available for buyers to look at. Carrocel luxury furniture store’s showroom is full of authentic, high-quality vintage furniture items that you cannot find anywhere else.

Are you in the market for superior-quality antique furniture? Contact our artisans at 416-999-2525 to find the perfect piece or visit our showroom and take home a beautiful addition for your décor.

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