How to Shop for Vintage Furniture Just Like the Pros

If you are looking to give your interior design project a touch of uniqueness and elegance, consider introducing some vintage furniture pieces. Vintage furniture adds a level of depth and sophistication that is hard to duplicate, but the key is finding the right pieces of furniture for your space. So, how do you find vintage furniture like the pros? This guide compiles the best vintage furniture buying tips from seasoned professionals to help find the pieces that your space deserves.

What is Vintage Furniture? What Makes Vintage Style Furniture So Popular?

Vintage furniture has been growing in popularity around the world, as seen on social media and popular publications. Its ornate details and feminine character convey the feeling of comfort and luxury.

Origin and Development

Vintage-style furniture is inspired by the English and French cottage style of the turn of the century, as evident in its nostalgic charm.

Key Characteristics of Vintage Style Furniture

What stands out most in vintage style furniture is its charm and lightweight and playful look. Couches often have a maximum of three seats and tend to feature bright colours with floral motifs or pastel colours like rose, mint green, bright blue, or soft yellow. You will also notice some little-used effects, which gives the furniture a classic, old-fashioned look. Although most vintage style furniture is reconditioned, you will find some original, colonial-style vintage furniture in our Toronto store.

How to Shop for Vintage Furniture like The Pros

Shop Online and Offline

The piece of vintage style furniture you are looking for could be anywhere. The idea is to be open-minded. Visiting our 20,000 sq. ft. showroom located near Yorkdale Mall is a great place to start. There are also incredible places to find vintage furniture online, including our website that has an expansive catalogue of the best quality furniture in Toronto.

Look and Look Again

Finding the right pieces of furniture for your home takes time and patience – consistency is key. Check often. Alternatively, you can contact our vintage furniture experts to help you find the piece you are looking for, making the buying process a lot smoother.

Conduct an Online Search to Understand Pricing

If you find a piece that you like, conduct a quick online search to get a general idea of the price of the item. Sites like 1stdibs are a great resource in this regard. It is also important to note that the cost of vintage furniture fluctuates.

Don’t Focus on Authenticity

It is not always easy to tell if a piece is authentic or not. However, one thing you can do to ascertain how well a piece is made is to pull out the drawers and look out for modern assembly techniques like stapling or gluing. You also have to consider what the value of the piece is to you since most items are second hand.

Consider ‘White Glove’ Delivery Service for Big Ticket Buys

Vintage furniture can be a big investment, and it matters that your delivery is handled with care. A white glove delivery service, like the one offered by Carrocel, guarantees that your new purchase is delivered with care.

Vintage Furniture Buying Tips

There is an abundance of vintage furniture websites. So, how do you ensure you get the right piece in the size, look, and condition you want?

Find Good Sources and Pay Frequent Visits

Explore various sources of furniture stores and when you find good resources, visit often to get more information on if or when you can get the pieces you are looking for.

Look for Gently Used

The cost of refurbishing vintage furniture can be relatively high so opt for the lightly used pieces that will also hold up better over time.

Find Furniture with Good Bones

Look for upholstered pieces that have sturdy frames. Items with drawers should slide out smoothly.

Look for Quality

Vintage does not automatically mean quality. Look for pieces made from good materials that show great workmanship.

Make Sure It Fits

Furniture size can be deceiving in the store. Therefore, take your space measurements with you to make sure you buy pieces that fit in your room.

Repurpose for Style

Consider repurposing furniture to give your space a unique style. You could use a small table as a nightstand or an old trunk as a coffee table.

Look for Individual Pieces That Go Together

Buying a whole set of vintage furniture can overwhelm your space and be very expensive. Therefore, buy individual pieces that look good together, one at a time. This will help you find great pieces and create a unique space.

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How to Style Antique and Vintage Furnishings

Buy Items You Truly Love

You cannot go wrong with pieces you love and are interested in – either from their brand name, historical significance or general appeal.

Create a Space that Speaks to Today

Don’t try to recreate the past. Mix both vintage and contemporary pieces to create a space that looks new and interesting.

Some Eras Naturally Go Together While Others Seem to Compete

To be safe, find pieces within the same era or those that have similar interesting profiles. The styles should complement each other rather than compete.

Choosing the Right Furniture Is More Alchemy Than Science

Feel free to mix and match different shapes, periods, colours, and forms, as long as the rules of proportions and scale are not broken.

Not All Antique Vendors Are the Same

Different vendors have different approaches. Buy from reputable dealers to ensure you are getting the best quality at the best price.

Consider Vintage Lighting

A Simple Way to Make A Big Impact

Vintage lighting allows you to dramatically transform the look and feel of any space in no time. The fixture itself is a design element, while its light can highlight features in a room and enhance its elegance. At Carrocel, we have a selection of different styles and sizes of light fixtures that will work well in any space.

A Splash of Elegance

Crystal chandeliers are a brilliant and classic choice that look and work well with any décor. From dining rooms to hallways, bedrooms and anywhere else that could do with a dash of sparkle, adding a vintage light fixture works great every time.

Find Great Vintage Pieces at Carrocel

Add quality, uniqueness, and a timeless appeal to your space by contacting Carrocel today. We have the best quality vintage furniture and vintage lighting fixtures at unbeatable prices.

Pair of Antique French Art Deco Club Chairs

  • Pair of Antique French Art Deco Club ChairsRare Art Deco Club arm chairs with exotic sunburst pattern
  • Re-upholstered in designer textured velvet
  • Pair of Antique French Art Deco Club Chairs

Adrian Pearsall Brutalist Table

  • Adrian Pearsall Brutalist TableEye-catching resin cast pedestal
  • Impressive thick glass top
  • Adrian Pearsall Brutalist Table

Vintage Japanese Screen Room Divider

  • Vintage Japanese Screen Room DividerOne of a kind vintage oriental screen room divider
  • Features hand-painted crane, pagoda, and floral motifs
  • Vintage Japanese Screen Room Divider

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