Finding Modern Furniture in Toronto

The modern style, as it refers to furniture, involves pieces with polished metal legs, an earthy colour palette, and clean, simple lines. It focuses on new and trendy styles that give off an air of being ahead of their time. These items will offer a timeless look that represents today’s trends and designs while also reflecting on those of tomorrow. When you’re shopping for modern furniture in Toronto, keep an eye out for these pieces.

Modern Pieces to Add to Your Home

  • Modern Sofas– When decorating using modern pieces, a sofa is a great place to start. From here, you can add accents and other décor pieces to match. Modern sofas come in a variety of designs and sizes, but many will feature a raised design, few embellishments, and a neutral, earthier colour palette.
  • Coffee TablesAdding a modern coffee table or end table can pair well with furniture from other styles. This lets you still create a cohesive room while not feeling like one design style is overpowering the space. Following some simple design tips can help you keep everything feeling balanced and make the space feel put together.
  • Dining RoomsDining rooms of the past were often filled with heavy tables, imposing chairs and additional console pieces. They were considered to be quite formal and used primarily for special occasions over the holidays or to celebrate personal milestones. Today, the formality has become much more relaxed. Dining rooms are inviting and comfortable. If you want your dining room to still be formal, modern pieces can help make the room more relaxed yet still carry a feeling of quality. For more casual dining rooms, modern pieces add some sophistication and individuality.
  • BedroomsYour bedroom is the most personal room in your home, where you are free to express yourself how you wish. Modern bed frames provide clean, sleek lines, allowing you to add more unique or brighter items in the form of art and textiles. These accents can help prevent a clean, modern bedroom from feeling cold and institutional, and instead, add warmth and comfort.

Find Great Modern Pieces at Carrocel

If you want timeless yet trendy pieces for your home, consider furnishing with modern items. These pieces will add a unique feel to each room while also providing a classic look. If you are interested in viewing our available pieces, view our online product catalogue or come in and visit our showroom, located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in Toronto. For questions about our products or store, call us at 416-999-2525.

Pair of Modern Grey Distressed Chests by Kittinger

Pair of Custom Modern Lounge Chairs by Carrocel

American Designer Fluted Console Buffet Sideboard

  • American Designer Fluted Console Buffet SideboardBlackened walnut with a polished stainless-steel base and hardware
  • Recently refinished by Carrocel
  • American Designer Fluted Console Buffet Sideboard

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