Easy Ways to Incorporate Mid-Century Furniture into Your Home

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Are you looking for vintage furniture in Toronto? Carrocel is the ultimate source for antique furniture and home décor. Our store features a huge selection of furniture, antiques and vintage items. Whether your style preference is vintage, mid-century or modern, we have numerous options to help you bring your vision to life.

The Variety of Vintage Furniture We Carry

If you are in the process of outfitting your apartment, house or office, it is often a good idea to match the architectural style of the building. If you are having trouble achieving this, we can help. Carrocel carries both vintage and modern furniture pieces, so whether you are looking for a mid-century modern table or a modern chair, you can be sure we have an exciting selection for you to choose from. Our selection of vintage and modern furniture items also includes lamps, chandeliers and many more pieces.

Modern Furniture Store in Toronto

If you crave the contemporary look, make the space you adore new again with our modern furniture and décor pieces. Inspired living and compelling design are the motivation behind this selection of modern pieces of furniture, particularly when interlaced with antique style décor. Bring modern finishes to any architectural design and create the distinctive look that you desire.

Mid-Century Furniture Store in Toronto

Combining geometric shapes, vivid colours, clean lines and remarkable craftsmanship, the mid-century furniture design is impossibly charming and the epitome of the 60s ingenuity. It is no surprise that most furniture and décor lighting designs conceived during this time are still popular today. You can create a sophisticated retro style in your home with our extensive selection of mid-century furniture pieces.

Mid-Century Modern Design

As the name suggests, the era of mid-century modern design falls in the middle decades of the last century – from the 1950s into the 1960s. Design in this period was characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes and sleek curves. This was reflected in the homes built during this period, which had numerous horizontal lines, large windows and open floor plans. Furniture designed and built during this period also adopted this aesthetic, although there was an emphasis on functionality and adaptability. The furniture could be easily rearranged and interchanged in line with the casual postwar lifestyle.

While from an earlier age, the mid-century modern furniture design trend is anything but old fashioned. More and more people are embracing its old concepts and morphing them into new styles to satisfy contemporary tastes. If you are looking to incorporate mid-century modern furniture into your twenty-first-century space, below are some tips to help you make it work.

Use Colour Wisely

The traditional mid-century design was characterized by bright hues and earth tones. To maintain a modern look in the twenty-first century, use a neutral backdrop. With bold pops of unexpected colour, your accent pieces should stand out beautifully.

Highlight Unique Features

In the mid-century, tapered and hairpin legs gained a unique flair and became the defining feature of mid-century modern furniture – often referred to as “floating furniture.” This gave furniture from this period, particularly sofas, a floating appearance. These iconic legs are now making a comeback in global furniture trends. They are undeniably sleek and stylish regardless of whether you prefer them short or long.

Mix Up the Materials

After the war, designers had access to many new materials and technologies. Unlike in earlier times, when all elements of design tended to match, designers could now mix different materials, including traditional wood and synthetic fabrics such as rayon. Therefore, don’t be afraid to mix it up. A blend of materials such as metal, plastic and wood will go just fine. Metals, in particular, blend well with other raw textiles or wood, adding a touch of mid-century warmth and personality to the space.

Choose Natural Options

The colour palette of the mid-century design was predominantly bold. However, even though bright colours dominated the majority of mid-century furniture design, natural materials and earth tones became increasingly popular towards the end of the mid-century. For a person who prefers subtle hues, you still have your options in this trend. Create a sense of modern simplicity in your space with subdued leather furniture pieces in elegant luxe browns, greys or creamy caramels.

Find Great Vintage and Mid-Century Furniture at Carrocel

Carrocel is your reliable source of vintage and modern furniture pieces in Toronto. We have a wide selection of furniture pieces to match every taste and preference at unbeatable prices. Our experts can also help you identify what works for your space or explain how to mix and match different pieces to achieve the desired effect. Contact us today to learn more about vintage furniture in Toronto.

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