8 Mid-Century Modern Style Ideas for Your Home

8 Mid-Century Modern Style Ideas for Your HomeMid-Century Modern Style Ideas to Decorate Your Home

Whether you pay attention to interior design trends or not, you have likely noticed that mid-century modern décor is still alive and well. It is seen in the iconic chairs, futuristic wallpapers, vibrant colours and sleek sideboards featured by top publications and hotels, and the countless glamorous posts on social media. Instantly stylish, ideal for contemporary and period homes, and easy to combine with other styles – mid-century modern décor is easy to use and suitable for many spaces in your home. However, it can quickly monopolize a room if not executed with care.

Are you new to the mid-century style but love the look and want to incorporate it into your space? Here are some tips from top design experts to help you make the most of your mid-century furniture.

What Is Mid-Century Design?

This was a wide-ranging movement that included interior, graphic and industrial design as well as architecture. Some of the iconic creations by famous designers such as Harry Bertoia, George Nelson, Arne Jacobsen as well as Charles and Ray Eames are still highly coveted today. Talents such as Rudolph Schindler and Richard Neutra are renowned for their architectural style that involved flat planes, expanses of glass and a strong connection to nature.

What Inspired Mid-Century Design?

The style started during the Bauhaus and international movements of the early 20th-century modernism. However, it only took hold after World War II due to the newfound prosperity and availability of materials and technology. The increasing migration to urban areas also had a huge influence on the design of this era.

What Are the Characteristics of Mid-Century Furniture?

Mid-century furniture and design took many forms, but it can be summarised in the following characteristics.

  • Simple forms
  • Organic influences
  • Democratic design (designed for and to accommodate everybody)
  • Emphasis on function

How Can You Be Sure a Piece is Mid-Century?

Identifying a mid-century furniture piece is not always easy – even for the experts. However, typically, mid-century furniture features fine craftsmanship and elegant simplicity, which makes it function very well. Additionally, you can look for obvious clues, such as peg legs or hardware. Looking for the country of manufacture is also a great tip with Yugoslavia, Denmark, America, Italy and Japan, often being authentic mid-century furniture. In short, do some research before you commit to the investment.

What is the Best Way for a New Collector to Add Mid-Century Furniture?

It is important to note that incorporating mid-century furniture into your home is not an exact science – you are free to experiment. Start by adding whatever pieces you feel the room is lacking, such as a cocktail table or chair. Any starting point is okay, then continue building piece by piece.

With that said, it is also important to note that certain mid-century pieces such as a good lamp, armchair or credenza can make or break a space. Don’t shy away from mixing with pieces from other periods. After all, the minimalism and cleanliness of mid-century furniture is a timeless look that seamlessly blends with other types of home décor. Some experts suggest being driven by pieces that tell their own story, from family eating Sunday dinners or late-night parties.

What Materials Should Be Avoided?

Every piece of mid-century furniture is not solid wood. Some people get disappointed when they learn that a piece of furniture is not made of solid wood but rather wood veneer – you shouldn’t be. If the credenza you are eyeing is not solid wood, don’t just take it off your list. After all, some of the most sought after and popular pieces of mid-century furniture are made from a veneer. Veneering is not a new technique only used to make furniture cheaper. As a matter of fact, vintage pieces made with veneer have lasted for decades on end. This is because they are made for function, with fine craftsmanship, matching woods and inlay work.

Which Colours Work Best with Mid-Century Furniture?

The style works with many different shades. The traditional mid-century palette ranged from bright hues in the 1950s to earthy colours in the 1960s. You can opt for muted colours and pastels if you are not ready for pops of olive or red upholstery. Neutrals such as pale pink never go out of style.

How Do You Complete A Mid-Century Inspired Space?

The key to completing a mid-century inspired space, or any space for that matter, is in accessorizing. If you are looking for stylish touches, lean more towards things you are passionate about and items you tend to use day to day. If you love throw pillows and plants, try and incorporate them into the room while also being mindful not to create too much clutter.

A room that is too uniform can appear dull and outdated. An easy way to break this uniformity is by using different height furniture. Don’t just settle on one height, be it too high or too low – mix it up. As an example, many people love low sofas with an accompanying low coffee table. To avoid being too uniform, try adding in an arc lamp as a height contrast to complete the room.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Carried by Carrocel

  • Floor Lamps
  • Chandeliers
  • Side Tables
  • Desks
  • Etagere
  • Dining Chairs
  • Lounge Chairs
  • Sofas
  • Much More

The history and nostalgia for the mid-century modern movement is not showing signs of slowing down any time soon. On the contrary, it seems that more people are now appreciating and embracing the architectural genius and artistry of that time.

Contact Carrocel to Purchase Mid-Century Modern Pieces

Given the versatility and timelessness of mid-century furniture and design, it is no surprise that more people are trying to incorporate it into their rooms. Additionally, not only are they practical but also make for outstanding social media feeds. The only thing you have to remember is to do your research and to have fun as you mix different styles from different time periods to achieve the look and feel you are going for.

At Carrocel, we have a wide variety of mid-century furniture pieces to suit all your design and décor needs. Visit us today or contact our team to learn more about how we can help you transform your space.

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