Useful Tips for Selecting Modern Furniture

Useful Tips for Selecting Modern FurnitureUseful Tips for Selecting Modern Furniture

The furniture you choose is an important part of your overall decorating scheme. If you want your home to look inviting and stylish, follow these tips when selecting modern furniture pieces.

  • Consider Your Space – The first and most important tip when selecting any furniture is to consider the space you’re going to be putting the piece. Also, take into account the overall size of the room. You want to be sure that the item you’re looking at will fit in the room adequately without looking too cluttered, oversized, or out of place.
  • Decide on the Size – When you understand how big the space you have available is, you can better choose the size of furniture to purchase. If you have a small area, a smaller couch, chair, or table will work best. If you have a larger room, you would need a piece that fits the scale. You don’t want to make the mistake of furnishing a small room with large furniture, or a large room with items that are too small, or your space will look out of proportion.
  • Select Durable and Comfortable Items – To be sure that your pieces will last for the long-term, choose items that are durable. Solid wood frames will last longer than particle board or a light metal. Also, be sure that the furniture is comfortable. How it looks matters, but whether it’s comfortable to use is more important.
  • Finish and Fabric – How a piece is finished makes a difference. This includes the design of any exposed wood, the selection of fabric, and the colours. Exposed wood can be carved or altered to add a modern edge to the piece. Softer light fabrics are ideal for living areas, while darker fabrics can suit dining spaces where staining is more likely. Whatever fabric you choose, be sure it fits the décor.
  • Be Creative – If you desire stylish and unconventional pieces, consider custom designs. This will allow you to set your own trends and have furniture that reflects your style and personality.
  • Identify Quality – When you’ve found a piece that you like, be sure to inspect the quality. For sofas and chairs, sit in them, wiggle them, and examine their build. Be sure to look for any signs of repairs or replacements such as legs and upholstery and assess whether they were done well and with quality materials. If the item is from a well-known designer, look up whether there are any marks of authenticity that you can find on the piece. You can also inquire as to the item’s origin.
  • Select the Store to Purchase From – When purchasing, be sure that you trust the store and staff. Browse their website to see examples of their pieces and whether they will suit your needs. At Carrocel, we have an extensive collection of furniture items for any of your needs. We are also able to design custom pieces for your home.

Visit Carrocel to Browse Our Selection of Modern Furniture

Carrocel has many modern furniture options available at our 20,000 square foot showroom. Located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in central Toronto, you’ll be sure to find something that works for you. For a more in-depth selection, please view our online catalogue.

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