Properly Arranging Your Dining Room Furniture

Your dining room is often the place in your home where guests and family alike gather for meals, parties, and holidays. It’s important to have a space that not only accommodates everyone whatever the occasion, but that also reflects you and your energy, so everyone feels welcome. Sometimes, how you’ve chosen to arrange your furniture can make all the difference. Here are our tips on how to arrange it properly.

  • Assess Your Space – Analyze the space you have available for your dining room before you jump into any major project. Using a measuring tape and book, measure your room, write down the results, and begin drawing your ideas. Be sure they’re accurate and to scale, so you know everything will fit. Also mark the windows, fixtures, and any additional furnishings that will be in the room. Taking this time will help you understand your space and determine which ideas will work.
  • Don’t Overcrowd – Remember that your dining room furniture is often moved around. As such, you need to have enough space in the room for people to walk around and pull out their chairs. Having a successful dining room furniture arrangement is dependent on how well people can move and utilize your space.
  • Use Your Light as The Central Point – Your light source is the focal point of your room. You can and should use this as a point of reference for your furniture layout. Place your table under the light and as centered as possible and arrange the rest of your furniture accordingly.
  • Switch Up Your Accessories – If the space you have doesn’t allow you to move your furniture often, you can still freshen up the feel of your room by altering where your accessories are. For instance, shift any plants to different areas, or change photographs on the wall.
  • Optimize Your Space – Use your space as efficiently as possible. If you have a large window, you can put a bench underneath to get more seating. Just be sure to analyze your space to the best of your abilities and be sure to use it effectively.

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